Monday, August 25, 2014

Of Mice And No Men (part 5)

On their way to Salt Lick City, they witness the same type, Micean, of soldiers in villages talking with people in their homes or on the streets in official but peaceful ways. Tiki finds a butler and asks what they are asking about, to which the butler explains the soldiers are inquiring into "any possible resistance from the nobles and populace if they take over." The butler remarks he doesn't think there will be much in the area. Closer to Salt Lick, and a few weeks later, they are stopped by a different group of soldiers from the Foo Empire, scouts it seems. They simply ask if the party has encountered any soldiers in the area, the players refer to the Miceans a back in the villages some time ago, the dozen Foo scouts go on their way and disappear with the party goes to turn around.

Tier One units as "races" for military settings

First of all, this is for a military setting game, and a high-leveled ones at that, but making Legendary starting characters takes a while so as much as I love detailed military settings I think starting a game a Seasoned for high leveled (i.e. Tier One, or veteran for the highest levels of Tier One units like AFOs) is much easier to make and gives the player a sense of progression for the character. Just remember these aren't balanced like normal, nor will these units be equally balanced as some are newer or better trained than others, even at this level. This stacks with the free edge a human gets (I did say high-level).

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Turok 2 Seeds of Evil

So I was going through old games and came across Turok 2, my first shooter back on the N64. It always stuck with me.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Character Story: Mee-Hye Hwang (part 2)

We broke canon even harder. in the later half of the campaign. While Mee-Hye was at home Lily and Ranwe went searching for something, Lily had been sent on a quest by Meridia, and were exploring a dungeon. They cleared it and finally found a diamond, allowing it to be fired like a cannon and recalled (more mark and recall! :/ ). Through a massive failure they shot the very very large diamond to the Dragontail mountains, into Mee-Hye's home as they were eating dinner. Mee-Hye's younger sister, an apprentice enchanter, was able to remove the recall spell  and kept the diamond. To the groaning of Lily's player. This netted the Hwang family another half million Septims in worth. At the end of the dungeon was a well containing Hermaeus Mora, and he gave them a task to get the Ogma Infinium, they did it, unwillingly as they went on a unconscious month long murder spree. Lily gave the book to "Meridia" and burned it, "cleansing" Lily too.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Of Mice And No Men (Part 4)

Gabrielle and Tiki move up to the disputed Whitewood Forest between White Range and Gnoll Stone Kingdoms, passing a few soldiers on the way. They're trip is safer than the Boss had told them it would be, and they come to a small keep, called Hjaalmir. The watchman is less enthusiastic about letting strangers into the small fortified hamlet of about 300 mice, that is until they mention that they are here to sell yellow cheddar, which is rare here due to white cheddar's easier crafting. They meet the patriach, the son of a recently slain Thane, named Frostgar, an adolescent by mouse standards. He is marked by pure white fur, a rarity in the world, and certainly being more mature than his age would show. He buys their entire shipment of cheese at three times the value they would get in Warren (a scant 50 bits per "pound" there) and sell their 25 pounds and about 10 from their own share. They come unto the knowledge that of course the two Kingdoms wage a war over the Forrest, Gnoll Stone due to location, White Range due to climate) that the Whitewoods themselves have not taken place in battle at all and are rallying themselves to unite for independence against the two weakened armies. Frostgar seeks to free the world from the corrupt tyrants.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Starship Troopers (v0.5)

So I had rewatched the old '90s movie when I remembered I had the d20 setting for Starship Troopers, official book too, I think.That with some forum conversations about it in a thread about my 40k conversion. Honestly I saw maybe one episode of the TV show ("Roughnecks") and haven't found the book(s) to read, but the d20 books gave me everything I needed really.

MagPul Stuff

So after 3 weeks I got my latest accessories for the airsoft gun. A MagPul MOE (for MagPul Original Equipment) rifle stock and MOE+ Pistol grip (both in black) plus a custom CNC buffer stop (KWA LM4C Part #8) and enhanced recoil "engine" from another company. I have only installed the MOE stock over the original LE stock, but wow. I'm no MagPul fanboy, in fact I think they're a little overhyped. But I can see why they're popular. And I got a sticker. High roller over here! 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Of Mice and No Men (part 3)

Since the second session the players wished to restart their characters, having a slightly better feel for the world. The new characters are brothers, of the Maroo family. We have:
  • The "Necromouser" a mouse who lived in the Foo province after the family moved to the Gnoll Stone Kingdom. The oldest of the brothers and an outsider, he is a necromancer (necromancy works differently here) and has a staff that allows him to speak to (i.e. read as "lets the GM yell at him with") all of his ancestor's ghosts, that only he can see and hear (or anyone holding the staff).
  • Tiki Maroo, an assassin of sorts. The only fighter in the family as of now, and has a tendency to gloat.
  • Gabrielle Maroo, adopted hedgehog. An aspiring "politician" who swears that the world is a god and genuine place and that there's no need for violence. He tends to speak for his brothers.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Of Mice and No Men (Part 2)

This session we added Bronson a huge rat and Karo wasn't able to make it. Bronson is a Brawny rat and ex-bandit from a stone forest in Necross. He wields a large two-handed aztec style club-sword. His flaw was a massive lack of charisma.

Pulling A SittingDuck: The Characters of Archer (Work In Progress)

I'm just going to lift this idea this once, maybe more times I'm not sure, from another blog. That idea would be to profile popular fictional characters into Savage Worlds. Here's his blog, it's good stuff:

And these are not really refined, nor intended to be balanced, and are for before Archer VICE, which may be a different entry entirely. Expect characters like Archer and Lana to be more skilled than Cyril or Cheryl, as least in combat. They are all considered Wild Cards.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Knives: Some Deadlier than Others

So here I'll try to post up and discuss some of what these things would be well suited for. What am I talking about? Special knives: the WASP Injection Knife, the old Soviet Spring Knife and lesser known NSR-2 ballistic knife), and the Chinese Type-85 Bayonet Pistol.

Sci-Fi Companion

I just bought (and read through in one sitting) Pinnacle Entertainment's Science Fiction Companion, and I was very pleased! I can use it for just about all of my projects, plus a couple more I came up with on the spot.