Saturday, August 16, 2014

MagPul Stuff

So after 3 weeks I got my latest accessories for the airsoft gun. A MagPul MOE (for MagPul Original Equipment) rifle stock and MOE+ Pistol grip (both in black) plus a custom CNC buffer stop (KWA LM4C Part #8) and enhanced recoil "engine" from another company. I have only installed the MOE stock over the original LE stock, but wow. I'm no MagPul fanboy, in fact I think they're a little overhyped. But I can see why they're popular. And I got a sticker. High roller over here! 

It was easy to install, taking no tool and 10 seconds. Tops. The stock is more secure and comfortable than the standard one, AND it came with a 0.3" rubber buttpad (with 0.5" and 0.7" ones available for purchase).I should not that this isn't a replica I got, I got a real one meant for a real rifle, but they don't make good replicas of these. MagPul is kind of like the GW of tactical accessories and all that. They will find you. And for $60 this thing better go great with an airsoft gun, which if fit perfectly. But why a $60 stock? The gun functioned perfectly well without it right? Well, yes, but the standard LE stock was just that: standard. MagPul claims (from the front of packaging box) that their "Carbine stock" will provide better durability, ergonomics, and a more streamlined shape (less snags). And I am sure that is all true, these sorts of things don't get popular if they're junk. Plus if it helps me not have to deal with the stress of having top replace a broken stock all of a sudden, I'm game to just upgrade now.

The pistol grip is larger than the standard M4/16 style, I find that I don't actually like it very much. It's too small and that protrusion to mark finger positions presses against my finger bones. The MOE+ (which is just a larger MOE grip, supposedly sized like their "medium" MIAD grip. Acronyms!!!) I haven't installed it yet because I don't have the right tools to do so properly. It was $20-25, but it was worth it, just holding it without it being attached to the gun feels 200% better. The box says it will improve control and ergonomics of the grip, plus I can buy a storage cores to hold things like batteries. Is it true? I don;t know yet, but it is more comfortable to hold and thus shoot. Good enough for me.

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