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Turok 2 Seeds of Evil

So I was going through old games and came across Turok 2, my first shooter back on the N64. It always stuck with me.



Talon: Str+d4+1
A simple "glove" that attaches to the back of the hand with a grip allows  the wielder to fight more effectively than with a knife with its two sharp animal talons making for terrible slashes. It takes one action to equip the weapon.

Warblade: Str+d6+1; AP2
Capable of decapitating a dinosoid in a single swing, the warblade's retractable blades are made of hardened steel-alloy at an incredibly sharp edge. It takes an action to equip the warblade.

Pistol: 12/24/48; 2d6; ROF1; 10 shots; AP1
A typical civilian pistol, firing a common yet weaker round.

MAG 60: 12/24/48; 2d8; ROF1; 15 shots; AP2, 3RB, Min Str d6
A human military pistol firing .60 caliber magnum rounds in 3-round bursts only.

Long Guns

Assault Rifle: 24/48/96; 2d8; ROF1; 30 shots; AP2, 3RB
A human military rifle that shares the MAG 60's round, it fires in semi-auto or 3-round bursts.

Charge Dart Rifle: 15/30/60; 1-6d4; ROF1; 6 shots; Non-lethal
The Charge Dart Rifle charges a battery in a three-pronged dart and fires them (hence charge dart rifle). The weapon may be charged up to 5 rounds, each increasing the damage by 1d4. For each "wound" the target would take they are stunned for a round and considered Incapacitated.

Firestorm Cannon: 24/48/96; 3d6; ROF4; 150 shots; AP2, Min Str d8
The firestorm cannon is a heavy plasma weapon that may only fire in fully automatic, as a five barreled rotary weapon. The weapon may only fire at ROF3 for its first turn, as it spins up, but stays ar ROF4 unless a full round has been taken without firing it at all. Any enemy hit with a burst from this weapon rolls to catch on fire at Agility +2. This weapon can accept the 30 shot packs from the plasma rifle as well as its own 150 shot packs.

Plasma Rifle: 30/60/120; 3d6; ROF1; 30 shots; AP3
A bullpup arranged plasma weapon featuring a scope function. When in "sniper mode" the scope is engaged and the weapon fires slower (cannot double tap) but fires a more concentrated plasma bolt, instead of a beam. In addition enemies are need a Notice roll to hear the shot, or a Notice at -2 to discern the location of shooter. Power packs come in two sizes, 30 for the plasma rifle and 150 for the firestorm cannon, both are compatible with the weapon, but it disables the scope function for this weapon.

Shotgun: 12/24/48; 1-3d6; ROF1-2; 12 shots (6 pumps); Shotgun
Double-barrel pump-action modern shotgun. Best used at close range. Stats are for buckshot. Explosive shells are also available, they deal 2d10+2 damage and have AP3 instead of the "Shotgun" special rule.

Shredder: 20/40/80; 3d8; ROF1; 3 shots
A high-tech 80mm weapon meant to update of a shotgun. It fires its standard 80mm shell in a beam at a target, and upon hitting it deals its damage in a Medium Burst template, and any attempt to avoid the splinter beams is at -2 (-4 inside a structure) as they ricochet off of multiple surfaces several times before they hit something. High power, explosive shells are also available, these shells do not splinter but may be fired off a surface (but not off a living being) to hit enemies around cover or around a corner, this imposes a -2 Shooting but negates cover or line of sight. An explosive beam deals 4d8 damage at AP3.

Tranquilizer Gun: 20/40/80; 2d8; ROF1; 4 shots; Non-lethal, Bolt-action.
The tranquilizer gun fires darts full of a powerful sedative, that if scoring a wound, puts the target down for 1d6 minutes modified by its size (larger creatures subtract their size, smaller creatures add their size to the total).

A standard wooden bow and arrow. See Savage Worlds: Deluxe Edition for rules.

Crossbow/Harpoon Gun
A standard crossbow. See Savage Worlds: Deluxe Edition for rules.

Flaregun: 12/24/48; Flare
The flare gun is a recharging, electronic flare gun that is unable to deal damage, instead it may fire a flare and light an area in a bale green light. It takes1 round to recharge, and the light lasts for 4 rounds.

Grenade Launcher:
Use stats from Savage Worlds: Deluxe Edition, except it has a magazine of 6 shots.

Razorwind: 6/12/24; Str+2d6; AP2
The Razorwind is a high-tech weapon designed to be thrown and return tot he user's hand in a way that won't injure them. More of a flying razor-sharp saw bladed boomerang, it is easily able to hack of a dinosoid's limbs at a distance before returning safely to the user's hand.

Scorpion Missile Launcher: 25/50/100; 4d6; ROF3; 3 shots; AP6, HW, SBT; Min Str d8
This heavy weapon fires a trio of small homing missiles at the target, it is powerful but short ranged. If the user takes an aim action they may add an extra +2 to the roll for the lock on feature, otherwise they take a -2 to shooting. This weapon does not incur autofire penalties as it is designed to fire all the rockets, and may not fire one rocket at a time.

Sunfire Pod: 5/10/20; ROF1; LBT, Thrown
These are thrown to release a flash equivalent to the sun's own light, dazzling and blinding foes who fail an Agility or Vigor roll at -4. Those prepared for the Pod's flash roll instead at Agility or Vigor with no penalty. The blinding effect lasts for 1d4 turns.

Tek Bow:
A high-tech bow. It acts as an English Longbow from Savage Worlds: Deluxe Edition, but without a Strength minimum. It comes standard with a scope. Due to its advanced construction, it can fire explosive arrows in addition to the standard arrows that deal 3d6 damage in a Small Blast Template.

Special Weapons

Cerebral Bore
An attack with this alien weapon does not use Shooting, but instead uses the target's own Smarts score (note than an A after the smarts, for animals and such imposes a -4 to this roll) against them. The weapon must spend a full round locking on, them it may fire. The locking function requires line of sight, and has a range of 250 yards. The projectile automatically strikes at the target's brain after moving at pace 15 to get to the target (at climb 1 for chase rules), once it reaches the target it jams into the skull sucking out the brain and blood before exploding. This weapon does not roll damage, it kills automatically. The projectile may be shot down while it travels at a -6 to Shooting.

See the Savage Worlds: Deluxe Edition for these rules.

Cinematic weapon.



Agility d6, Smarts d8, Spirit d8, Strength d10, Vigor d10
Pace 6, Parry 6, Toughness 10 (3)
Skills: Fighting d8, Intimidate d8, Notice d10, Stealth d6, Shooting d8, Throwing d6
Edges: Ambidextrous, Improved Frenzy, Level-headed, Nerves of Steel, Rock & Roll!, Two-fisted
Hindrances: Bloodthirsty, Fanatic
Natural Weapons: Claws and Teeth: Str+d6
Weapon: Blaster Gauntlet: 30/60/80; 2d8; ROF2; AP4
Weapon: Gauntlet Claw Blade: Str+d8+1; AP2
Weapon: Frag Grenade: as Frag grenade from Savage Worlds: Deluxe Edition.
Device: Gauntlet Cloaking Device: an action to activate; as Invisibility power (indefinite)
Device: Suicide Device: a full round to activate, 3d10; AP1, HW, LBT

Agility d8, Smarts d8 (A); Spirit d6, Strength d8, Vigor d8
Pace 8, Parry 7, Toughness 8 (2)
Skills: Fighting d8, Intimidate d6, Notice d10, Stealth d10, Swimming d8
Edges: Acrobat, Ambidextrous, Dodge, Improved Frenzy, Two-fisted, Quick
Hindrances: Bloodthirsty, Fanatic
Natural Weapons: Claws and Teeth: Str+d6

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