Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Of Mice and No Men (Part 2)

This session we added Bronson a huge rat and Karo wasn't able to make it. Bronson is a Brawny rat and ex-bandit from a stone forest in Necross. He wields a large two-handed aztec style club-sword. His flaw was a massive lack of charisma.

The party was split here, and was looking for a way to get out of Bazaar, "preferably in a manner to also get paid" as Maroo put it. The eventually met an ex-bandit rat named Bronson briefly who tried to offer his services as a guide back to the Stone Forest he was from. They declined and split again, Bronson finding a noble mouse to follow. After a walk to a shady part of Bazaar, he observes a deal which he interrupts and knocks out the noble and steals his purchase as the dealer slinks into the shadows. It was simple a large wheel of suspicious brie cheese. Worth what he would guess as 3,000 bits. Cynirec and Maroo buy more supplies. Cynirec works for a couple days with a blacksmith to learn the trade but is told he'll only be paid in bits. He eventually meets a mouse willing to teach him how to sharpen stone weapons better, but in exchange for work and a favor before he leaves Bazaar. They bump into Bronson again near the caravan station, seeing the noble Bronson robbed. He was the leader of a caravan going north to White Range. They decide to go instead with a group south to Sandstone, the caravan already being well protected by Sandstone's soldiers (in red capes and brass armor). They approach and are halted, and once they offer their help they are accepted but at only 300 bits each since they are not needed next to the 40 soldiers and three sparrow-riding knights. They are told to be back the next morning or be left behind. Cynirec goes to repay his favor. They tell him their destination and are handed a sealed barrel, and told to deliver it to a prince in Sandstone. They are advised not to loose it. They buy food for their three and a half week journey on the large caravan.

Moving in the desert they move from oasis to oasis on an old trail south. Largely it is a quiet and boring trip, but they observe a trio of hawks circling around and they assume some bandits are on them waiting to  attack. The guards laugh at the notion of bandits taming even one hawk, let alone three. A week into the trip they come to a large oasis where a group of bandits have made camp, there is tension but no violence, as a guard puts it to the party who suggest an attack "they need water too." That night they hear screaming from the bandit camp, Cynirec sleeps but Bronson and Maroo hear it. Bronson dashes off, the guards calling him foolish for it. It is dark and he makes it to the screaming bandits going on about a "water dragon," as he fails to save a few of them the rest run. Bronson is left to fight it alone and attacks in the dark finding success both times, but its pinned as the thing surrounds him. The monster goes to bite him but with his sword arm pinned he only has a stone knife to throw, and surprisingly deals the final wound. He spends the rest of the night cutting of the head and a section of hide, even though he was wounded in the fight.

The party splits on arrival to Sandstone. Cynirec and Maroo take the package to be delivered, to a palace of all places. They take it and are paid a small amount and are given a larger amount to take back to the blacksmith in Bazaar and are given a nice meal for their trouble. Bronson attempts to sell the poison he collected off of the monster and have the hide and materials he took off of it made into a cloak. He is told that a tanner can handle the cloak but the poison cannot be sold, but someone might come find him about it. Bronson eventually finds an assassin in his room who buys the poison cheaper than he likes. Soon after they meet back up and meet some hunters about going with them to hunt other monsters in a canyon, some sort of legless dragons.

Bronson decided he would take on a opponent in Sandstone's gladiatorial pit. He was put up against an equally large rat. The rat was better equipped and more experienced than Bronson, even though the party bet 2,500 bits on Bronson in this fight to the death. Bronson and the rat went toe to toe, he even took the poisoned blade and was merely shaken (poison had been significantly diluted). He used his weasel jaw great axe and door tower shield to  maximum effect and eventually knocked Bronson out instead of killing him, final blows came when he kicked his shield (which Bronson tried to wrestle away) against the wall sending the significantly injured Bronson under. He awoke with a sack of 3,000 bits and a note that offered work on his chest. Bronson took the bits, tore up the note, and stormed out to meet the rest of the party.

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