Thursday, November 27, 2014

HALO Gear (as a request)

A friend is doing a basic HALO game based around ODSTs set a couple years after the war's end in 2554.

ODST Armor: +6 toughness, all. Sealed 15 minutes. +2 Vigor versus environmental conditions (i.e. heat/cold), built in communications, night vision, and HUD.
UNSCMC Armor: +5 toughness, all (50% head), built in communications.

BR55HB SR: 24/48/96; 2d8; ROF1; 36 shots; AP3, 3RB, Low Power Scope

M6C: 12/24/48; 2d8; ROF1; 12 shots; AP1
M6C/SOCOM: 12/24/48; 2d8; ROF1; 12 shots; AP1, Illuminator, Laser sight, Low Power Scope, Suppressed

M7: 12/24/48; 2d6; ROF4; 60 shots; AP1, Vertical Fore Grip
M7S: 12/24/48; 2d6; ROF4; 48 shots; AP1, Illuminator, Laser Sight, Reflex Sight, Suppressed, Vertical Fore Grip

M41 MAV/AW SSR: 50/100/200; 4d10; ROF1-2; 2 shots; Min Strength d6; AP20 (AP3 for blast), Heavy Weapon, Low Power Scope

M45D: 15/30/60; 1-3d10; ROF1; 6 shots; Min Strength d8; Shotgun
M45E: 12/24/48; 1-3d10; ROF1; 12 shots; Min Strength d8; Shotgun

M247 MMG: 36/72/144; 2d8+1; ROF3; 200 shots; Min Strength d8; AP3, Auto, Bipod, Snapfire

M319 IGL: 18/36/72; 3d6; ROF1; 1 shot; AP8 (contact only)

M392 DMR: 36/72/144; 2d8+1; ROF1; 15 shots; AP3, Illuminator, Medium Power Scope

M739 SAW: 24/48/96; 2d8+1; ROF4; 72 shots; Min Strength d6; AP3

MA5C: 24/48/96; 2d8+1; ROF3; 32 shots; AP3, Illuminator
MA5K: 20/40/80; 2d8+1; ROF2; 30 shots; AP3

SRS99D-S2 AM: 60/120/240; 2d10+3; ROF1; 4 shots; Min Strength d6; AP8, Bipod, High Power Scope, Snapfire

M9 HE-DP Fragmentation Grenade: 5/10/20; 3d8; AP9 (contact only), Thrown

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Surprise Hiatus

Granted this one was a "oh, I'm gonna die now" from my PC, so I'm still working up to get another one again as my phone is too dumb to make good posts. I'm still here and I'm still gaming. I'll be back with more converted characters from my 40k play-by-post, and a game story from Halloween where I killed 2.1 million people in a space fleet after my commando was going to get framed by out CO.

I've been reading a lot recently as well. Tom Clancy, Mark Owen,  Marcus Luttrell, HALO, 40k novels, etc etc etc.