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Savage Magic the Gathering (WIP, Last Update: 30 Nov 2014)

Its M:tG right?

(Some taken/based from this free document:

The different planes are rife with different races that are playable.

  • Vigor begins at d6
  • Exist only on Dominaria, Shadowmoor, and Ulgrotha planes.
  • Agility or Smarts begins at d6
  • Exist on all planes but Kamigawa, Mercadia, Theros, and Ulgrotha
  • Brave Edge
  • Free Edge.
  • +
  • Smarts takes 2 points to advance during character creation.
  • Small Hindrance.
  • Exist on every plane but Innistad, Theros, and Ulgrotha
  • Free edge.
  • Exist on all planes but Lorwyn.
  • Strength begins at d6
  • Yellow Hindrance
  • Exist only in Ravnica plane.
(To add list: Ainok, Angel, Aven, Leonin, Minotaur, Nezumi, Rhox, Vaishino)


At character creation a player must take an affinity (i.e. Black, Blue, Green, Red, White, or colorless/Artifact) that provides some bonuses and penalties (aside from colorless which is neutral). This could play into bonuses or penalties in spell-casting, damage, or fighting depending on the target or location. It could be possible to have more than one alignment (with an edge perhaps?).

(Some) Stolen from:

From the M:tG salvation Wiki


When a power is taken, the player chooses a trapping (i.e. color/element)  for that power to align that spell (fire/red, nature/green, light/white, darkness/black, water/blue, etc etc etc) with. For example the Bolt power can be a fireball, necrotic energy, a ray of light or lightning, or a spike of ice, for example; or an armor power could be conjured elements. Colorless powers are simply force or energy based and have no extra effects.

New Edges:

Affinity (Color):
Prerequisites: Novice, Arcane Background (Channeling)
Gain a +1 to their chosen color and a -1 to a chosen opposite color in regards to spell-casting.

Changed Edges:


Holy/Unholy Warrior

New Spells:

Protection From Color

The Planes

The game begins presuming the player characters are not planeswalkers and will be unable to leave the plane they begin in until later in the plot. Whichever plane they begin in is up to the GM and they type of game they group would want, be it Zendikar, Ravnica, Kamigawa, or maybe even Dominara.

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