Monday, September 22, 2014

Creating a Plot Point Campaign Series I Would Love To Play

So if you have been keeping up with the blog, especially early on, you know I enjoy military style games. Unfortunately I will likely never get to play one of these types of games, which is fine. I however will be creating a campaign for Savage Worlds that would be my most favorite game ever. Ever. I don't have a plot line drawn out yet, but I know the concept.

I want to create an experience that will make the group of players manage life (as much as a civilian would know) as a Tier One operator. Not every mission would be "balls to the wall" gun fights, but many would be stealth oriented, tense chases in trucks in Afghanistan's desert or the streets of an Iraqi city. Narrate through training and planning. Include brief spaces of home life. Invest the players into their characters so when I throw them into situations where they are fighting for their lives they want their player to survive. I've seen my group get very involved and attached to their imaginary characters derived from just a sheet of paper, arbitrary numbers, and their imaginations.

I want the campaign to be realistic, weight will be important, as will planning what they need and keeping track of it. Book keeping will be important, but not so much it will slow things down. Combat will be gritty and very dangerous, the amateurs they fight will be unpredictable; if they fight well trained gunmen, they will use tactics. Fanatics will be different as well. If they mess up and get in a gunfight with a band of Taliban way off in the mountains, they had better be ready for a fight. I'll be using the fate chip rules from Deadlands too.

I'm going for maximum intensity, they kind of game that makes the player scared at each close call, sad if they're friend gets hurt or dies. I've played these games, they are the best ones around. The emotional pull is why I play  roleplaying games anyway.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Savage Brutal Doom: Experience from Playing It (Updated 9/19/2014)

So I figured if I was going to make a good conversion, it would help if I got some hands on experience, yeah? I watched as much as I could but it doesn't compare to hands on. So what do I think?
Knee Deep In the Dead

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Converting Warhammer 40,000 6th Edition to Savage Worlds

So most people who visited here did so because of my Savage Space Marines which has been taken down due to a lack of a safe place to put it up again. So for now here are the conversion charts I used to make it. You will require copies of both systems' rules for this.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Of Mice And No Men (part 7)

New Characters:
Lewis Karlanderson, a chef mage. Arrogant but effective, essentially a fat creole guinea pig fathered by a Middleton cheese tycoon and working in White range. This cook would fit in better in Tree, but is an excellent cook anywhere.
The Squirrel is a wiry con man, but is fairly decent archer. He is a descendant of Karo from the first session.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

BRUTAL DOOM Campaign Ideas (Updated: 9/6/2014)

These are just an exercise on brainstorming how I'd start a campaign in the Doom setting, these will mostly be short game ideas and story premises for such a game. The characters would all be members of the UAAF (Union Aerospace Armed Forces), and some will go against or make new canon (what little there is, I mean).

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Classic FPS-Style Ultraviolence: BRUTAL DOOM (Enemies and GM Section) (WIP, Updated 9/13/2014)

So I had the DOOM gear section a few days ago, here's the enemies section. It's a work in progress so it will get updated as I get inspiration.

Of Mice and No Men (part 6)

For the first time the players see Hwang's Tower, a tower stretching as far into the sky as they can see, its smooth, shiny walls gleaming in the sun. They meet the Necromouser who has spent the last eight or so months here and hasn't seen anyone else, he's heard them but never laid eyes. Partially because he has been reading what he has been on just the first floor. The floor is a massive library as far as the eye can see, with a staircase to the second floor in what seems to be the central structure. They all go up to the second floor and come across a form of automatons mimicking rodents but are made of a strange material with a glowing container of liquid on their backs. They do not speak, and the party finds out that they maintain the shelves and can find books if they ask, but never stay around very long to keep getting sent for more and more books by a single person. They come to find out that the first two floors contain simple knowledge, revealing some but not much useful information.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Classic FPS-Style Ultraviolence: BRUTAL DOOM (Gear Section)

So here it is. DOOM styled rules, weapons, armor, and baddies. You may want to allow setting rules to let novice characters take combat edges they qualify for (ignoring rank requirements only) and to let them spend bennies on damage rolls! You'll need the Science Fiction Companion for some of this. I've also fleshed out some of the things a military would have (hand grenades and knives for example). Enemies to come soon.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Remington 1740 and KS-23: "Get off my porch."

So the thing with shotguns we think of today is that they are one of a few things, things that make them cool. Pump-action for awesome pump stunts and ammunition compatibility like the Remington 870 or Mossberg M590, automatic shotguns like the Benelli M3 and M1014 models or HK CAWS, then you have fully-automatic shotguns like the AA-12 or South Korean USAS-12. You have double barrels because, two shots at once? Dead. Or the varied other kinds out there! Here I give you a little known design from here in the USA: the Remington 1740. A double-barreled pump-action. They existed, and you have the Soviet KS-23 "Special Carbine" which is a 23mm (approximately 6-gauge) shotgun used almost like a mortar or grenade launcher. The Remington? Just use your imagination.