Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Of Mice And No Men (part 7)

New Characters:
Lewis Karlanderson, a chef mage. Arrogant but effective, essentially a fat creole guinea pig fathered by a Middleton cheese tycoon and working in White range. This cook would fit in better in Tree, but is an excellent cook anywhere.
The Squirrel is a wiry con man, but is fairly decent archer. He is a descendant of Karo from the first session.

The characters make their trip into White Range during a mild winter (plus they were prepared for it) and make it to the gates of the large city. Inside they notice all the buildings are low to the ground and partially subterranean. Gabrielle and Tiki go into a bar to get information on their diplomatic mission. Gabrielle asks a random person about their king is is sucker punched by a rat exclaiming, "You don't talk about Princess Fist that way!" Which caught him off guard and he goes back outside and to the "castle" to see Princess First. He meets a guinea pig, a very fat guinea pig at that, named Lewis Karlanderson (who turns out to be the bastard son of Major Karlanderson from Middleton)  who serves as the castle's chef as he waits. Princess Fist is only an affectionate name some of her subjects give her. She is really a Queen and her first name is Princess. Her family name is Stone-Fist, for her family's royal heirloom, a pair of giant magical stone gauntlets.

At the same time Tiki goes out and meets "The Squirrel" who admonishes him for his brother's assumptions, but offers to be a guide, for 50 bits, and take him to the city's greatest blacksmith. Soon they enter the secret ice cave of Throniir Cold-Fire, an elderly yet brawny mouse, with a slightly blue tinted coat, who offers a wide array of weapons, most interestingly magical ice weapons. He possesses the Ice Wind "forge" and sells his high quality and exotic weapons for a hefty price. Tiki wonders if he could learn to craft these sorts of weapons, but Throniir denies him the knowledge, citing it is a family secret that will not be passed by so easily, but if he were to do him a favor one day he might be more inclined to teach him.

Queen Princess Stone-Fist sees Gabrielle and when the message is delivered she becomes angry, but eventually telling Gabrielle that if Frostgar wants to settle things so peacefully her should come before her himself. She sends her chef along to make sure the message is delivered as she said it.

On their way towards the castle, they begin to think that the mouse they came with had disappeared. Suddenly as they were walking through an alley they are ambushed, both the Squirrel and Tiki being stabbed by Fettuccine, wielding a pair of daggers. They fight, the Squirrel eventually being incapacitated, and Tiki driving him off after being wounded himself. The guards show up to see a bloody Tiki or a bloodier Squirrel face down in the snow. He tries to explain, but his weapon is bloody as well, even citing the blood on the walls isn;t enough. Though as Gabrielle and Lewis walk around the corner, one of the guards strikes upon brilliance and derives a complex mathematical formula as to how Tiki could not have gotten the blood there as he pleaded. However, they still find it unlikely that Tiki is innocent all together. Lewis offers them a magical muffin (it expands in a gummy fashion when squished, usually a blast template power) after forcing down healing bread down the Squirrel's gullet. The muffins succeed in gumming up both guards' lungs and stomachs, killing them somewhat quickly. They strip them of their blue fur cloaks and cannine-fang tipped spears and roast them over the town fire, somehow not being noticed, and sell it as a delicacy he just created. The chef makes 800 bits. They then leave to make the trip back to Warren, another few months.

The group decides to stop back by Hwang's Tower, and Gabrielle gives the equation he copied down to the ancient keeper, who grants him access tot he fourth floor: history. He finds a few interesting things over Frostgar's family: the Aelius family, who were banished over a politcal upheaval from Warren hundred of years ago. They also discover the basics of math magic, but are unable to understand how to use it.

They meet Frostgar once again, it being late winter at this point, whom receives the message. He nods and agrees and sends a messenger to White Range to arrange things formally. He sends them on their way and they take their new associates to meet the Boss. Lewis insults the Boss' mother's apple pie and is almost beaten with Sammy G's magical shovel but is offered redemption if he can cook a meal on par with hers. He succeeds and is given the nickname "Gaston" as the squirrel quickly makes friends with the other gangsters.

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