Monday, September 1, 2014

Remington 1740 and KS-23: "Get off my porch."

So the thing with shotguns we think of today is that they are one of a few things, things that make them cool. Pump-action for awesome pump stunts and ammunition compatibility like the Remington 870 or Mossberg M590, automatic shotguns like the Benelli M3 and M1014 models or HK CAWS, then you have fully-automatic shotguns like the AA-12 or South Korean USAS-12. You have double barrels because, two shots at once? Dead. Or the varied other kinds out there! Here I give you a little known design from here in the USA: the Remington 1740. A double-barreled pump-action. They existed, and you have the Soviet KS-23 "Special Carbine" which is a 23mm (approximately 6-gauge) shotgun used almost like a mortar or grenade launcher. The Remington? Just use your imagination.
So we have some awesome weapons here, so as with my knives post I'll do what I can to

We have the Remington 1740, a custom kit to make twin 870s. This one is fairly simple.
12/24/48/; 1-3d6; ROF1-2; 12+2 shots; 13 lbs; Shotgun, Pump-action; Min Str d6

KS-23: Range varies, damage varies; ROF1; 3+1 shots; 8.5 lbs; Pump-action, Min Str d8

  • "Shrapnel-10": 6/12/24; 1-3d10; Shotgun [Buckshot]
  • "Shrapnel-25": 12/24/48; 1-3d10; Shotgun [Buckshot]
  • "Barricade": 20/40/80; 2d10+3; AP4, HW [Slug; can take down an engine block at 100m]
  • "Volna-R": 15/30/60; 2d6; Less-lethal [Rubber bullet; Take vigor roll or take level of fatigue; crit fail causes second level]
  • "Strela-3": 15/30/60; 2d8; Less-lethal [Plastic bullet; Vigor roll at -2 or take level of fatigue; crit fail causes second level and wound]
  • "Bird cherry-7": 20/40/80; LBT [Teargas with CN Agent (-2 to Vigor roll or be Shaken)]
  • "Lilac-7": 20/40/80; LBT [Teargas with CS Agent (Vigor or be Shaken)]
  • "Zvezda": 20/40/80; LBT [Flash-Bang]
  • PV-23 Blank firing cartirdge
With the PV-23, this allows the Nasadka-6 36mm or Nasadka-12 82mm muzzle mortars to be attached and used:
  • "Cheremukha-6" 36mm Teargas grenade: 30/60/120; LBT [Teargas with CS Agent (Vigor or be Shaken)]
  • "Cheremukha-12" 82mm High-efficiency Teargas grenade for outdoor use (halves wind effect): 30/60/120; LBT [Teargas with CS Agent (-2 to Vigor to be Shaken)]

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