Thursday, September 18, 2014

Savage Brutal Doom: Experience from Playing It (Updated 9/19/2014)

So I figured if I was going to make a good conversion, it would help if I got some hands on experience, yeah? I watched as much as I could but it doesn't compare to hands on. So what do I think?
Knee Deep In the Dead

I also have been playing "Doom the Roguelike" so I got some ideas from that!

So what did I learn?

Well I need to figure out a way to make ablative armor, as it is an important element, resources are sparse between a group of marines taking bullets from possessed security and fireballs from demons!

I need to figure out how to wrench up the intensity without slowing down combat. Sure I can tweak the size of fights but there are those moments where  all of a sudden like twenty guys just came out of nowhere. Best I can think of is make them easy to kill, as in no rolls to resist death (on most soldiers, some end up being able to make a last stand of sorts).

Brutal Finishers: ability to make a healing roll (at a penalty) for making a kill in melee in a particularly brutal way. Perhaps a roll to activate it or an ace on the attack and damage roll!

New Edge Ideas:
  • Mighty Boot: make a kick attack (unarmed) to knock an opponent a number of yards equal to the strength die on damage, minus half their strength on a successful strength roll (at -2).
  • Now We're Cookin' With Plasma: I have no idea but it was my favorite line from the Doom comic. Maybe a bonus with the plasmagun's cool down?
  • Rapid Reload: lowers reload time
  • Shottyman: treat pump action shotguns like semiautomatic and giving a second shop per turn
Renaming Core edges
  • Giant Killer becomes "You're Huge..."
  • No Mercy becomes "Rip & Tear"
New Equipment Upgrade Modules
  • Agility Mod Pack: (+1 to attack bonus for weapons; +1 pace for armor)
  • Bulk Mod Pack: (weapons with magazines +50% magazine size, half reload time for weapons with 1 shot (to free action at minimum),  +1 melee damage, or +100% durability for armor)
  • Firestorm Weapon Pack (ROF increases by 2 if weapon's ROF is already above 1)
  • Nano Mod Pack:
  • Onyx Armor Pack: (armor becomes non-ablative)
  • Power Mod Pack: (ranged weapons add one damage die, melee weapons increase damage die size by one type armor, armor gains 2 points of protection)
  • Sniper Weapon Pack: (-2 to weapon range penalties)
  • Technical Mod Pack: (semiautomatic and melee weapons may make a second attack (not like double tap, but a second shooting die, akin to ROF2 weapons), armor reduces knock-back by 2 yards)
Plus more. I'll update as I brainstorm. Like weapon and damage tweaking.

The "Chaingun Cha-cha!"

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