Saturday, September 6, 2014

BRUTAL DOOM Campaign Ideas (Updated: 9/6/2014)

These are just an exercise on brainstorming how I'd start a campaign in the Doom setting, these will mostly be short game ideas and story premises for such a game. The characters would all be members of the UAAF (Union Aerospace Armed Forces), and some will go against or make new canon (what little there is, I mean).

  1. The classic Doom story line (with a twist). Phobos Lab goes dark, they send a shite load of Marines to investigate it. Once there the players' unit leaves them to guard their fall back point, the hangar (since in the original the Doom guy wasn't able to pilot the dropship alone and now we have multiple marines). Then the rest goes as we all know it...
  2. An alternate, more like what happens in Doom 3. The players are in the base when things become Hellish.
  3. Putting down an insurgency. It says that the Doom guy was assigned to his post on Mars for assaulting an officer who ordered his unit to fire on civilians. This sort of behavior would certainly lead to a rebellious opposition to the UAC (Union Aerospace Coalition) government. So lets say we have a planet (named whatever) and the players are members of a team who are sent on these sorts of anti-insurgency missions. The players would be human fighting enemies for a session or two (to get them acquainted or leveled up some) before they move on a scientific compound where the weird shit starts or are assigned to Mars when they got a little too good at killing.
  4. Insurgent scientific colony. An alternate to the above premise. The team is again marines and attack an insurgent scientific colony (or captured UAC science facility) where they progress through the guards to some stranger enemies when they discover Hellspawn.
  5. Prisoners. The players were captured by an insurgent element when they attacked an isolated UAC Scientific laboratory. During their attack they overwhelmed the small force of marines but damaged the teleportation experiments. Things get worse when the UAC comes to reclaim the facility and sets the experiments into full chaos when in their attack the forces of Hell spew forth from the teleporters. As the last survivors the players must escape. They should have no starting gear.

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