Saturday, August 16, 2014

Starship Troopers (v0.5)

So I had rewatched the old '90s movie when I remembered I had the d20 setting for Starship Troopers, official book too, I think.That with some forum conversations about it in a thread about my 40k conversion. Honestly I saw maybe one episode of the TV show ("Roughnecks") and haven't found the book(s) to read, but the d20 books gave me everything I needed really.

SW-226-F Hel Flamer:  Cone; 2d10; 15 shots; 12 lbs; Flame
SW-401 Longbow Missile Launcher: 50/100/200; ROF1; 1 shot; 8 lbs
- may use M-714A2, M-766, M-781, M998A1 missiles
SW-402 Triple Thud Grenade Launcher: 18/36/72; 2d12; ROF 1 or 3; 3 shots; 10 lbs; AP5, MBT
SW-404 Javelin Missile Launcher: 75/150/300; ROF1; 8 shots; 14 lbs
- may use M-714A2, M-766, M-781,M-971A1, and  M-998A1 missiles
SW-408 Shredder Squad Support Cannon: 18/36/72; 3d12; ROF4; 240 shots; 60 lbs; AP5
SW-414 Rapier AA Launcher: 150/300/600; ROF1; 1 shot; 16 lbs
TW-99-S Belcher Shotgun: 12/24/48; 1-3d6; ROF1; 12 shots; 5 lbs; Shotgun
TE-102-S Peacemaker Pistol: 12/24/48; 2d6+1; ROF1; 15 shots; 3 lbs; AP1
TW-109-E Emancipator Heavy Pistol: 15/30/60; 2d8+1; ROF1; 9 shots; 4 lbs; AP3, -4 if not in Power Armor
TW-111-P Reaper Pistol: 10/20/40; 2d6; ROF1; 9 shots; 2 lbs; AP1, +2 to conceal
TW-121-F Tinderbox Flamer: Cone; 2d8; 15 shots; 12 lbs
TW-201-L Morita Long Sniper Rifle; 40/80/160; 2d8+1; ROF1; 30 shots; 8 lbs; AP3
TW-201-S Morita Carbine: 28/56/112; 2d8+1; ROF3; 30 shots; 5 lbs; AP3, 3RB
TW-203-A Morita Assault Rifle: 28/56/112; 2d8+1; ROF3; 30 shots; 7 lbs; AP3, Auto, 3RB
XW-103-S7 Morita Underslung Shotgun: 12/24/48; 1-3d6; ROF1; 10 shots; 2 lbs; Shotgun
XW-110-G1 Morita Underslung Grenade Launcher (Morita Rifle): ROF1; 6 shots; 3 lbs
- accepts M-290, M-291, and M-295 ammunition
XW-137-A3 Morita Underslung Trench Sweeper: 3/6/12; 1-3d10; ROF1; 30 shots; 1 lbs; AP15, HW

Missiles (not sure on damage just yet)
M-714A2 Firecracker HE Missile: 1 lbs; AP, Indirect capable, HW, MBT
M-766 Holepunch HEAP Missile: 1 lbs; AP, Indirect capable, HW, SBT
M-780A5 Birdbolt AA Missile: 3 lbs; HW, LBT
M-781A1 Falcon AA Missile: 1 lbs
M-791A1 Reaver HEAT Missile: 1 lbs; AP20, HW, MBT
M-998A1 Pee-Wee Atomic Missile: 400 ft radius

M-290 Flechette Launched Round: 15/30/60; 1-3d8, 0.5 lbs
M-291 Fragmentation Launched Round
M-295 Bugshot Launched Round: 12/24/48; 1-3d8; Single Shot; 0.5 lbs; AP4, must be individually breech-loaded

M901-HE Hi-Ex Grenade: 5/10/20; 2d10; 1lbs; HW, LBT, Thrown
M-902F Fragmentation Grenade: As per Savage Worlds
M-904C Chem Grenade: 5/10/20; 2d6; ROF1; 1 lbs; AP10, Acid, MBT, Thrown
M905T Thermo Charge: 4 lbs; AP20, HW, MBT, Remote Detonated (1 mile)
M-908P Plasma Munition: 5/10/20; 3d10; 2 lbs; LBT for 3d6 rounds, Thrown or Remote Detonated (600 ft)
M-909S Fog Grenade: Smoke
TOAD (Timer Operated Atomic Device) Charge: radius 400 ft; 3lbs;  Remote (1 mile) or timer detonated

CC-176-ER Shock Stick: 50 charges, 5 lbs; Reach 0 or 1, Stun & Lethal settings
Combat Knife

M-1A4 Power Suit: 190 lbs
M-1A5 Engineer Power Suit: 235 lbs
M-1A6 Pathfinder Power Suit: 219 lbs
M-1F2 Raider Armo: 24 lbs
M-1S7 Stryker Suit: 50 lbs
M-4A1/2 Exosuit

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