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Character Story: Mee-Hye Hwang (part 2)

We broke canon even harder. in the later half of the campaign. While Mee-Hye was at home Lily and Ranwe went searching for something, Lily had been sent on a quest by Meridia, and were exploring a dungeon. They cleared it and finally found a diamond, allowing it to be fired like a cannon and recalled (more mark and recall! :/ ). Through a massive failure they shot the very very large diamond to the Dragontail mountains, into Mee-Hye's home as they were eating dinner. Mee-Hye's younger sister, an apprentice enchanter, was able to remove the recall spell  and kept the diamond. To the groaning of Lily's player. This netted the Hwang family another half million Septims in worth. At the end of the dungeon was a well containing Hermaeus Mora, and he gave them a task to get the Ogma Infinium, they did it, unwillingly as they went on a unconscious month long murder spree. Lily gave the book to "Meridia" and burned it, "cleansing" Lily too.
Soon events transpired to have Mee-Hye teleported back, rejoined to the party by Akatosh. A really douchey Akatosh who wanted us to die summoning him in the final battle so he could be the hero and gain more worshippers. The players were not inclined to agree but told that we didn't have a choice. He laid out several doses in needles full of "Dragon's Blood" that would give us some of his powers, Mee-Hye openly rebelled, smashing the dose before her with her sword, and Vigdis tried to stab her with her own syringe, Mee-Hye getting off her Become Ethereal shout just before, causing Vigdis to stab herself with it. Lily didn't need it as she had birthed the Emperor's son and had the blood anyway. Ranwe had gotten it in Balmora. In the end only Mee-Hye and Patti Wesi remained clean of it. The others got armor and buffs for their trouble. Mee-Hye's plan was to relight the Dragon Fires but Akatosh was now an obstacle, even though Lily still had the Amulet of Kings. During this time, Lily murdered Rotgut, Ranwe's brother.

By this time Hee-Hye had the highest Charisma available through standard rules (a whopping +10) and trusted none of the party since they left her to die in Morrowind, she had her own plans now. They met up with the Baron as he was killing an endless tide of dragon's bound to Oblivion, the sought to close the gate, Mee-Hye going in and convincing a Dremora to follow them and making a Dragon submit to her as a mount, the Dragon was named Raafkaas or something. After dealing with the Baron she confronted Lily about the Amulet and demanded it, since Lily was little more than a child and the cause of their problems she couldn't let it go on in her possession. She even drew he sword by nearly died due to a recall spell that almost hit her, keeping her from catching the Amulet after she used her disarm shout. Patti Wesi caught it ran out and teleported away. Mee-Hye just stormed out.

Soon after Patti became a rap god, I'm not sure why, and killed Sanguine (formerly Lily's old character Engry) in a rap battle as he shot poisonous incorporeal missiles at the heart of Nirn through a massive gate over the Imperial City. Mee-Hye was a herald of Akatosh, as she wrote a sermon that "praised" Akatosh (the people knew it was an insult, but somehow Akatosh did not see that), hindering his cause and making her seem loyal. She had a plan to save herself and those who had betrayed her before, she had plans for them too. However, we decided to shore up power as we weren't sure what the missiles did or how long we had. Mee-Hye stumbled across Barbas, through her dragon, and went to see Clavicus Vile, through a deal that fell through, Vigdis getting Umbra and nearly killing Mee-Hye, she returned later to steal the Masque with Lily's help creating a mobile singularity to envelope the realm. With Vile distracted, Mee-Hye used the Cleaver to hack his head and face off to clim the Masque, doubling her Charisma to 20, enough to persuade a god.

It was soon after this that Mee-Hye and Raafkaas struck a deal before meeting Vile the first time that Mee-Hye felt bad aboput her people's killing of Dragons so she wanted to help free them from Oblivion (Raafkaas turned out to be Alduin) in exchange for obedience as she wasn't foolish enough to think Dragons were harmless. He said if freed he could liberate the dragons, Mee-Hye told him that it would have to wait until things settled down.

We eventually had to deal with Fernlily, and it began with Mee-Hye sending a persuaded Dremora general as an assassin after her in conjunction with a little "cyber" terrorism from Ranwe. The mages wore snail shell hats that acted as a library for all magical knowledge, and a s a battery for Fernlily. Her goal was to keep the Archmage in a haze until she could create her perfect world for them. With the act done our party was teleported away to a pocket dimension by a scarred Fernlily demanding who had done this. Singing out Ranwe and Mee-Hye. Mee-Hye awoke the Archmage who at first did nothing, but on a further attempt had him try to make her stop, Patti Wesi teleported out of the force field cage she put her in and proceeded to break her back with a 1,500 pound punch. Ranwe attepted to use a knife he got from Hermaeus Mora to stab her, but missed and hit the Archmage, removing him from ever having existed, Fernlily lost it and drew all the power she could out of the mages wearing the snail shell helmet, drainging all magicka out of half, and blowing the heads off the rest. She was able to switch places with the Archmage and unwrite herself. He went about giving Ranwe control of the Mage's Guild and his staff (with a explode organic matter spell on it) to clean up Fernlily's mess.

As the final battle came close, Mee-Hye got the Amulet of Kings from Patti Wesi and brought us all to the Temple of the One after Mee-Hye convened and lied to Akatosh about the lost Amulet of Kings). Soon they had restrained Vigdis (a devoted worshiper of Akatosh) with boots of burden on her hands, she used the stop time shout but Mee-Hye was out of range and lit the Dragon Fires. Akatosh a peared, formed a poket dimension, raged at us and summoned both Mehrunes Dagon and Malacath, with armies to crush us, we only had an Orcish god os cooking, and the Baron to help us. Lily launched a "sticker" that would open up a rift with telekinesis as Vigdis got free and killed Lily. Umbra weploded and became Hermaus Mora, Mehrunes Dagon's army killed themselves. Patti Wesi was fighting Akatosh who was more like a hydra here, as Mee-Hye used the Bend Will shout to have Malacath attack Mehrunes Dagon and flew towards Akatosh with the Baron, as the bread god smashed apart Malacath's army.

Somehow Akatosh was turned to stone by Ranwe using one of his brother's random potions. The Baron smashed it to pieces and Bivlovismir (out of the shadows) killed Mehrunes Dagon before Patti Wesi and Seul killed Malacath. Mee-Hye tried to kill Hermaeus Mora (who had tentacles seeping down intot he earth), as Vigdis almost killed Ranwe. Without progress on Hermaeus Mora Mee-Hye was able to fly around Vigdis and use the full Unrelenting Force shot to throw Vigdis into Hermaeus Mora, killing her.

All along we Hermaeus Mora finally said its intentions was to reform the world since it basically just ended and changed history. Of note in regard to Mee-Hye, he tried to make Mee-Hye Clavicus Vile but she resisted, having herself instead become three separate entities, part of her becoming Akatosh, Clavicus Vile and the Akaviri taking over the empire instead of the Imperials, thus not being near extinct. Orcs now have a rich music history and rap is a prominent for of music in Tamriel. Apparently. High-elves are the same. The Akaviri are rivaled with the Red Guards whom they took power from in the early years. Mee-Hye becomes Empress.

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