Saturday, August 2, 2014

Sci-Fi Companion

I just bought (and read through in one sitting) Pinnacle Entertainment's Science Fiction Companion, and I was very pleased! I can use it for just about all of my projects, plus a couple more I came up with on the spot.

Let's see, what might I use it for (things I'm already working on):
  1. X-COM
  2. Savage Space Marines
  3. ...?
But what could I use it for?
  1. Future Special Forces
  2. HALO
  3. Starcraft
  4. Star Wars
  5. Star Trek
  6. ...!?
But those are all pretty well alluded to in the book, which I love. It doesn't have rules for it, but I can make a laser minigun now (a la Star Wars)!

But I mentioned thing's I'm working on currently: X-COM.

It adds rules for cybernetics and walkers, plus more alien-like devices. I can use those for: MECs, Gene Modifications, Armors, Weapons, the the aircraft. And that's just for the humans! For the aliens I can better make Mechtoids, Cyberdisks, Floaters, and Sectopods. The scariest things now.

Oooooooh, how much are those players in for...

Plus in some of the sample robot sections, there was one labeled as "Pleasure Robot." Glad they figured out some in the gaming community would make that anyway (granted for a different purpose).

What they had in mind.
What will be.
I'm only slightly joking there, but for a $15 .pdf I highly recommend it.

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