Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Updating Savage Space Marines

So, Games Workshop is a beast in the roleplaying/wargame world, and they protect their IP very seriously. It hasn't happened yet, but I can't imagine it would take long for them to get wind of it (thus my name is not on the .pdf :) ) So in a short while the current version will be taken down, and it will be reworked.

How will it be reworked? Easy, I like the feel of 40k and their units, but some of their fluff is... a little boring and constrictive. Its a wargame at its heart remember and their lore is very set in stone. So I think I will rename things and alter them just enough to make them different from GW's IP. It could be converted back, and I would hope it would not be that difficult. I just need to figure out what to name things...

Saddest thing, I worked hard on the Chapters and I'll have to set those back maybe as individual Regiment types or something. I'll probably relegate the Eldar to "elves," Orks to "orcs" and "goblins" and what not, the Tyranids to "xenoforms" or something in latin, daemons equal demons (even though a daemon isn't the same thing as a demon), so the Tau, Necrons and any others are a little more difficult.

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