Tuesday, July 8, 2014

World Primer: Of Mice and No Men

This world is all over the place, genre-wise, as the various provinces have taken their traditional themes and cultures from distinct places. There is magic and science, and the two are readily distinguishable from one another. Some Provinces may be breaching cybernetics while others may still wield wooden clubs and stone knives. Most places, even in areas where science is dominant, see the vast majority of "people" left with low technology, with the fancier this being rare and powerful.

I'll cover races and provinces here in non-rules terms.
Dusty Fur Territory
    The Dusty Furs hail from the Hot Sands in the south. Their soldiers wear gleaming bronze armor and red capes, though their formal army is not very large. These armors are common, many hailing from the Sands travel with the caravans or in the scattered but wealthy settlements. Caravaneers usually prefer lighter clothes than the soldiers, but a desert cloak helps those in armor with the heat. The inhabitants here are hardy and determined and have learned to deal with the heat better than many others. Resilience and pragmatism are hallmarks of the populace.

Foo Empire
    Foo lies in the mountains near the West Ocean, in the North. Here the populace is philosophical and disciplined. A land of tradition and thought the area has no formal army, but their martial outlook keeps invaders away. Those from here may run the gambit of mice, but merchants are rare, as are nobles. Warriors and monks of all kinds thrive in the region, but all have a particular common culture to them, from the Chow-lin warrior-monks to the Way of the Cheese Paw monks to even samurai and ninjas. Many of which take journeys far and wide.

Gnoll Stone Kingdom
    The Gnoll Stone Kingdom along the East Ocean coast is perhaps the second largest entity on the land, in terms of controlled land, their armies are large if not as skilled as their knights and their musket-wielding skirmishers. The Kingdom is however mostly idle in war unless threatened. The Kings have a tendency to be benevolent, as their is little tolerance from the populace otherwise. The Kingdom is a mix of medieval castles and walls and Renaissance style homes and shops. Products shifted in between the two styles. Art and war coexist and neither takes control of the culture.

    The land of politics and reason. The Miceans built their society out of marble and philosophy, funded by their sea trade. Sitting in the warm South Sea to the far south of the Gnoll Stone Kingdom, they have been trading partners of all the eastern Kingdoms and Settlements, perhaps it is why they are still the oldest Civilization. Their armies are small but stout and noble, heavily armed and armored bulwarks of determination and intellect. Their people are level headed and they all have a love for the Seas and a hatred for pirates.

Middleton Provinces
    Middleton his an expansive conglomerate of populations, from a few Stone Forests to large farming plantations and ranches on the Grass Flats between the Brown and Green Mountain ranges. The provinces have few militant resources but has yet to be invaded in history due to their importance to all nations as the supplier for the most crops and cheese in the world. Though there is significant technology developed here they are generally focused on agriculture, mining, or science. Such a mix often leads to tension between the scientist, miners, and farmers however, but rarely bloodshed.

Misty Foot Forest
    Settling in the East, south of the Gnoll Stone Kingdom this land of green and swamp land is a mysterious place. Populations here fall under no unified government, but are more of a nature bound community of druid-like individuals to bandits to shamans and rats and everything in between. The “city” of Tree is a mass of linked tree villages on an ever-expanding thick wooden slab above the ground, resulting in a beautiful and strangely refined floating settlement, magically and practically protected from fire and storms. The populace here is a wary and nature connected one, though bloodshed and terror here is common as beasts and monsters are common threats.

Stone Forests
    The large and eerily silent landscapes of an unknown and ancient empire of what must have been grand and wealthy mice. The castles stretch into the sky, or did at one point. The few that inhabit these places are small nomads that scrape a living in these vast expanses or perhaps bandits or some sort. It is of note that these rodents are a seemingly haunted group, the silence and coldness has made them self-sufficient but wary and standoffish loners. The largest of these places in the East, it is in the north between Gnoll Stone territory and Whitewood Forest, contains the Rodentio Church’s home, a Cathedral, as they call it. However these places can be found all across the lands.

White Range Kingdom
    White Range lies in the Ice Plains in the north which stretches seemingly infinitely to the north. Rodents from this place are hardened to the cold of their land. The populace are survivors if not numerous as many other places. Under threat from weather and beast alike, they are skilled warriors, mages and hunters alike. Their priority is to survive, even their Kingdom builds off of this idea.

The playable races are Mice, Rats, Guinea Pigs, Hedgehogs, and Squirrels.

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