Thursday, July 24, 2014

XCOM Drinking Game

So my group of friends tried this once and it was some of the most fun I've ever had. But we used wine and beer, so do not use hard liquor, you might die. Seriously. But 3 or more friends are what you'll need for it to be the most fun. Also, be of legal drinking age, if you die or get in trouble I warned you. Also, this is not a competitive or cooperative game.
What You'll Need:
- XCOM: Enemy Unknown (DLC optional)
- a group of at least 3 people
- enough booze for those people

Definition of a "Drink":
Not an actual glass of liquid, more of a moderate-sized gulp rather than a drink. You could potentially be taking 20 or more "drinks" at a time.

- Start a new game of XCOM!
- Rename some Rookies to the players' names (if these die, name some more with roman numerals at the end of the last name)
- Start playing!
- Keep playing until you can't!

When to drink:
- When your rookie takes damage: drinks equal to the damage
- When your rookie dies: drinks equal to the damage times 2
- When you damage an enemy: drinks equal to the damage
- When you kill an enemy: drinks equal to damage times 2
- Critical hit: drinks times two (or times three if it was a kill)
- Miss the shot: 2 drinks
- Civilian Killed, Saved, Bomb Nodes deactivated, Bomb deactivated: 3 drinks
- Mission Successful: 5 drinks
- Mission Failed: 10 drinks

Point of reference: In one hour of play I went through nearly two bottles of wine.

Optional: Difficulties will scale things on their own. If you want it even tougher, install the free mod Long War, which makes things more awesome and has a standard squad size of 6.

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