Saturday, July 12, 2014

Airsoft Gun Upgrades

So I have the airsoft gun, and I'm beginning to gather accessories. I'm not new to airsoft, I played in high school but has to take a break when I went to college and am just now getting back into it. Admittedly I have dropped a considerable amount of cash on this stuff, as it is my motivation to stay fit and make a new circle of friends, and I rationalize it that way. It to me is worth it, all hobbies take money, keeps me from sitting down on the internet all day. That's worth something!

So, back to the point, I have this gun. Now what do I want to do with it? Well its a CQB gun, so I'll use it for that. Do I have a concept for it? Of course!

So here's the stock gun.

I wish there was a better GBBR version of the HK416 made, but there isn't and I couldn't turn this into one anyway (the RIS and receiver on the HK416 sits higher than the original AR-15 platforms' do). So I decided to go with the most modern iteration of the Mk18 CQBR. So it will look more like this:

That's almost exactly what mine will look like, aside from a different flash hider, sights, pistol grip, vertical grip, and stock. As the above is pretty much exactly what the standard Mk18 CQBR is today, the single difference is the flash hider, which on the issued CQBR is a Knight's Armament Company M4-QD Flash Suppressor.

Personally, I'll be changing it up from the standard parts and KAC and crane stock to a different flash hider. Leaving the Daniel Defense replica rail system, but adding a mock muzzle brake, and Magpul MOE stock and an MOE+ pistol grip, and a different vertical fore-grip as the on above. And no, I'm no Magpul fanboy but their stuff is cheap-ish and high quality. As for the sight, the one above has a replica Aimpoint T1 sight that I'll be replacing with a replica Aimpoint CompM4, or if I can get one of them, either an EOTech 552 or 553 or a Trijicon SRS02. On the rails go different types of accessories like a PEQ-15 that will gove me a laser and a light, and a vertical grip, and a more powerful flashlight. I will be adding a better recoil kit that will make the gun feel more realistic to fire, and a better barrel to increase the accuracy and fps of the gun, I just have to keep it under 400 fps (it shoots 376 now).

And you may be asking yourself, "Wow, that's a lot, it must be expensive!" And you'd be right! All in total the gun and upgrades will come in at something like $700, and that's without the extra $250ish for all the extra magazines (together, not individually). I'm not made of money, let me be clear on that; but in a counter argument, is that I knew that going into it and aside from the magazines, I have the bulk of the major costs out of the way really, the rest of the pieces are much more reasonable priced and I can get them at my leisure one or two at a time without much of a problem. Magazines included in that. Airsoft is one of those you get what you put into it sort of things, I could have spent around $300 (or less) and been able to be competitive and have a decent AEG, some gear, goggles and been done with it. But I wanted a little more out of it than that since I've done that before and loved it. And gas rifles are by nature more expensive than a low-mid tier AEG anyway. What I'm doing isn't what I would recommend for a person wanting to get into it. I just wanted realism and am willing to shell out for it.


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    1. Yes. I am glad that this may have helped you a bit! I've added a few things and soon I'll be ready to update on it hopefully.