Friday, April 11, 2014

The Time I Played Sub-Zero in the Weird West

And I mean the ice ninja. I convinced another player to even be Reptile, though his interpretation was unique but not too bad. The other guy wouldn't be Scorpion. I was sad there but it was fine. As it turns out, a high strength plus a trained martial artist is down right deadly in this system.

It was a long time ago, however, I remember the best moments really well. It started off with us riding a train, or robbing it. I don't remember, but we were on a train. So some guy goes to point a revolver at me as he comes through the door from the next car. He had a buddy. I ended up just putting hand through his chest and ripping out his frozen heart. BAD ASS! The first of only ten kills that session. He only had d8s in certain skills. Don't judge me.

Then the other guy died, lost his head, though I don't really know if I did it or the guy with a sword that was with me. In either case we had been made, and we were being shot at. We threw in the head, I froze it, or the whole body... and kicked it in, to which the marksman shot it and made an icy grenade head, that somehow killed a few guys and I beat some of the rest to death. We were making our way to the front to stop the train, and when we got there they were using ghost rock to make magical horror fire, and used way to much to power the train. So here's where things started to go wrong.

I tried to use magic ice on the magic ghost fire. Bad idea. I have no idea why I didn't think of that. So the train was about to literally explode, so I run to the caboose, kill a few dudes with my magic and fists, and jump off of the back.I then proceed to freeze the tracks in an attempt to stop the train. Didn't work either and it sends the train slipping forward even faster with a player who had not gotten of for some reason. So the engine explodes as they rest of the players are out running the explosion, except that one guy who had for some reason barricaded himself into a seat. The car goes flying into the sky with the blast and I use up the rest of my power to make an ice tower to catch in in the air.

With a generous experience reward we ended and I haven't gotten the chance to play him again.

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