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Dead Space RIGs, Upgrading, Equipment, and Pricing (v1.00)

Resource Integration Gear (RIGs) are lightweight wearable systems that display the wearer's basic biometrics (via standard sub-dermal implants) to those around them, offer communication and navigation suites, and offer a modular set up and integration of other systems, such as kinesis and stasis modules. They also provide holographic projectors and feature a chest mounted display screen for more discrete data. RIGs come in a variety of civilian, professional, and government/military models, each optimizing the wearer's task at hand and may provide protection and storage.


Civilian RIGs
Civilian RIGs are not sealed unless stated so, and most do not even have a closed helmet as standard. If sealed however they have basic zero-gee propulsion (allowing them to move at Pace 4) and 3 minutes of air within the suit's internal air tanks. A sealing kit includes a folding helmet and internal air tanks and can be bought like any civilian RIG at a kiosk.

Arctic Survival
EVA Suit:
Hostile Environment Suit
Sealing Kit

Professional RIGs
Professional RIGs are issued as part of the wearer's occupation, all professional  RIGs are sealed and have 4 minutes of air in their internal tanks and also have standard zero-gee propulsion (allowing them to move at Pace 4). Most suits are lightly armored against the rigors of their work environment. Security suits are issued to basic government or CEC Facility or EarthGov Ship Security personnel, while the others are issued to their stated professionals. All are considered Lightly Restricted for those who are not of the state occupation, but there is no major penalty, as markings are removed from non-qualified suits automatically.

Astronaut: +4 toughness; magnetized boots, standard kinesis module, and double air tank capacity; however it reduces Pace by half in gravity and Agility by one die type.
Engineer: +2 toughness; hardened vs radiation and electric resistant.
Flight: +1 toughness; keeps wearer conscious even during high-gee movements.
Miner: +2 toughness; padded armor softens blows from mining operations reducing damage by a further 2 points if the attack has no AP value.
Security: +3 toughness; +1 bonus to Intimidation (if official markings are present), Night Vision
Triage: +2 toughness; allows Stasis to extended by 1 turn, standard Stasis module

Government, Police, and Military RIGs
Government, Police and Military RIGs are issued either to EarthGov personnel, to formal Police (above more common Security forces), or actual Military units. All are armored and sealed with zero-gee propulsion (that allows them to move at Pace 6) and internal air tanks with 5 minutes of air. All of these suits are fully Restricted to those not qualified to wear them. All suits feature a standard kinesis module and Night Vision. Advanced Suits are issued to military Special Forces and EarthGov Agency combat teams. Elite Security suits are issued to Police SWAT teams, and Riot Security Suits are issued to Police and double as Riot suits. Solider suits are issued to Military personnel.

Advanced Suit: +4 toughness; +2 Pace, negates 3 AP from attacks, standard Stasis module, +3 Intimidation.
Security, Elite: +5 toughness; +2 Intimidation
Security, Riot: +4 toughness; standard stasis module, +2 Intimidation, reduces blunt force damage by 2.
Soldier: +5 toughness; negates 2 AP from attacks.

Upgrading RIGs

RIG Modules and Gear

Kinesis Module: Starts as counting as d6 Strength. Double roll on Kinesis "handles" on equipment. May be used to throw small items.

Stasis Module: 12/24/48; Begins at 2 rounds, where target slows down. Half pace and may only take one action. All attacks at target are made at +2.

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