Friday, April 18, 2014

Red Faction 2 Gear (v1.00)

Red Faction 2 was my favorite shooter growing up, I really liked the setting and logged probably 400+ hours playing it, the game is set in the 2080s I believe. Thus far here are the weapons of RF2. Armor and vehicles should come later on!

CSP-19 Combat Semiautomatic Pistol: 12/24/48; 2d6; ROF1; 16 shots; AP1
CMP-32 Combat Machine Pistol: 12/24/48; 2d6; ROF3; 32 shots; AP1, Auto
CSMG-19 Combat Silenced Machingun: 15/30/60; 2d6-1; ROF4; 64 shots; AP1, Auto, Silencer
NCMG-44 Enhanced Combat Machinegun: 16/32/64; 2d6; ROF4; 64 shots; AP2

CAR-72 Combat Assault Rifle: 20/40/80; 2d8+1; ROF2; 48 shots; AP3, Auto, 3RB
CSR-60 Combat Sniper Rifle: 36/72/144; 2d8+1; ROF1; 6 shots; AP3, Bolt Action, Scope
NICW Nanotech Individual Combat Weapon Rifle: 24/48/96; 2d8+1; ROF3; 48 shots; AP4
NPSR-755 Enhanced Precision Sniper Rifle: 40/80/160; 2d8+1; ROF1; 32 shots; AP4, Scope, Unique

JF90-HMG/BF Heavy Suppression Machinegun: 30/60/120; 2d10+2; ROF3; 99 shots; AP4, Str d10

CAS-14 Combat Automatic Shotgun: 12/24/48; 1-3d8; ROF1; 8+8 shots; +2 shooting, Semiautomatic or pump action (incendiary), buckshot and incendiary (+1d6 damage)

40mm HE HV:
NGL-8 Enhanced Grenade Launcher: 18/36/72; 4d8; ROF1; 6 shots; AP2, MBT, impact or bounce mode
NICW Grenade Launcher: 18/36/72; 4d8; ROF1; 5 shots; AP2, MBT
MKAP-97 Anti-Personnel Weapon: 20/40/80; 4d8; ROF1; 15 shots (5 rounds at once); AP2, 2 adjacent LBT, Sticky or bouncy modes

15cm Rocket Canister
WASP Wide Area Saturation Projectile: 50/100/200; 5d10; ROF1; 6 shots; AP12, HW, LBT, Lock On

Tungsten Slug
CMRD-32 Combat Magnetic Rail Driver: 60/120/240; 3d8; ROF1; 3 shots; AP20, Cooldown, HW, Heartbeat Sensing Scope

Hand Grenades/Explosives:
Fragmentation: 8/16/32; 3d6; MBT, Thrown
Incendiary: 8/16/32; 2d10 fire; LBT, Thrown
Shock: 8/16/32; Vigor -2 or be Shaken or stun vehicles and electronics; LBT, Thrown
Satchel Charge: 5/10/20; 3d10; HW, SBT, Sticky back

Improvised: +2 toughness; torso
Police/Security: +3 toughness; torso; kevlar
Military: +4 toughness; torso; kevlar (SW:DE)
Sopot Guard: +6 toughness; all; kevlar, NVG, communications gear
Enhanced Super-Soldier: +5 toughness; arms, legs, torso; communications gear

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