Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Less Extensive Modern Firearms Set

From a discussion on the Savage Worlds Forums about whether it is better to have a short generic list as opposed to an extensive list. I prefer an extensive list, maybe not completely exhaustive. Well maybe a little exhaustive. Here is something a bit in the middle, not so much specific models but archetypes in different categories of weapons.

9mm Autoloader: 12/24/48; 2d6; ROF1; 15 shots; AP1
.45 ACP Autoloader: 12/24/48; 2d6+1; ROF1; 12 shots; AP1
.50 AE Autoloader: 15/30/60; 2d8; ROF1; 7 shots; AP2
.38 Revolver: 12/24/48; 2d6; ROF1; 6 shots; AP1
.357 Magnum Revolver: 12/24/48; 2d6+1; ROF1; 6 shots; AP1
Hand Cannon: 15/30/60; 2d8+1; ROF1; 5 shots; AP2

Assault Rifles & Carbines:
5.45mmR Carbine: 18/36/72; 2d6+1; ROF3; 30 shots; AP2, Auto, Folding Stock
5.45mmR Assault Rifle: 24/48/96; 2d6+1; ROF3;
5.56mm Assault Rifle:24/48/96; 2d8; ROF1; 30 shots; AP2, 3RB

5.56mm Carbine: 20/40/80; 2d8; ROF3; 30 shots; AP2, Auto
7.62mmR Assault Rifle: 20/48/80; 2d8+1; ROF2; 30 shots; AP1, Auto
7.62mm Battle Rifle: 28/56/112; 2d8+1; ROF2; 20 shots; AP3, Auto

SMGs, Machine Pistols, & PDWs:
9mm Machine Pistol: 12/24/48; 2d6; ROF3; 20 shots; AP1, Auto
9mm SMG: 15/30/60; 2d6; ROF3; ROF3; 30 shots; AP1, Auto
.45 SMG: 12/24/48; 2d6+1; ROF2; 25 shots; AP1, Auto
High Capacity PDW: 15/30/60; 2d6+1; ROF3; 50 shots; AP2, Auto

12g Double Barrel: 12/24/48; 1-3d6; ROF1-2; 2 shots; Shotgun
12g Sawn-Off Double Barrel: 8/16/32; 1-3d6; ROF1-2; 2 shots; Shotgun
12g Pump Action: 12/24/48; 1-3d6; ROF2; 5 shots; Shotgun
12g Semi Auto: 12/24/48; 1-3d6; ROF1; 7 shots; Shotgun
12g Automatic Shotgun: 12/24/48; 1-3d6; ROF2; 20 shots; Auto, Shotgun

Sniper Rifles:
7.62mm Bolt Action: 35/70/140; 2d8+1; ROF1; 10 shots; AP3, Bolt Action, Snapfire
7.62mm Semi Auto: 30/60/120; 2d8+1; ROF1; 20 shots; AP3, Snapfire
.338 Bolt Action: 40/80/160; 2d10; ROF1; 5 shots; AP3, Bolt Action, Snapfire
.50 Bolt Action: 55/110/220; 2d10+2; ROF1; 4 shots; Str d6; AP4, Bolt Action, HW (at half damage), Snapfire
.50 Semi Auto: 50/100/200; 2d10+2; ROF1; 10 shots; Str d6; AP4, HW (at half damage), Snapfire
20mm Bolt Action: 60/120/240; 3d8; 5 shots; Str d6; AP8, HW (at three quarters damage), Cannot Move

Machine Guns:
5.45mm Magazine-Fed LMG: 24/48/96; 2d6+1; 45 shots; AP1, Auto
5.56mm Belt-Fed LMG: 24/48/96; 2d8; ROF3; 200 shots; Str d6; AP2, Snapfire
5.56mm Magazine-Fed LMG: 24/48/96; 2d8; ROF3; 30 shots; AP2, Auto
7.62mmR Magazine-Fed LMG: 24/48/96; 2d8+1; ROF3; 45 shots; Str d6; AP1, Auto
7.62mmR Belt-Fed MMG: 25/50/100; 2d8+2; ROF3; 100 shots; Str d8; AP2, Snapfire
7.62mm Belt-Fed MMG: 28/56/112; 2d8+1; ROF3; 100 shots; Str d8; AP3, Snapfire
.50 Belt-Fed HMG: 50/100/200; 2d10+2; ROF2; 250 shots; Str d12; AP4, HW (at half damage), Cannot Move

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