Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Splendor of Gaming

So this one will appeal to those who do and do not game. To every game or session you either have luck with you or it just plain has it out for you. I have had a character kill 42 enemies in a single session. Now that isn't really impressive. The impressive part is that all it took was seven shots from a rifle over the course of the session. Another game I had an ally crit fail on a shooting roll after rolling a critical on his casting and made my insides the landscaping for some big bad's abode.

The simple truth is that if you are playing honestly, you will fail, a lot. That's just probability. You could be a total wad and power game all of your characters but that's just boring. But that's another story for another time.

When that enemy rolls a 1 and you follow up with a 20.
The best feeling in an RPG, well one of them anyway. Just last week we played Pokemon Tabletop Adventures that was a Wobbuffet counter for 1,600 damage off a double critical. He broke the moon. My honedge (aptly named Link, almost was Kharn) cut off James' leg, on the first session. Terrorists I tell you... I've GMed good crits too, like hitting a dude in the face with a fragmentation grenade from 40 yards, in the dark.

And other times you just can't.
Or maybe you made that critical hit called shot to the face, then rolled minimum damage and did NOTHING! Well, maybe you just pissed them off and wasted your one critical of the night. Better hope you roll your "not die" dice well.

Other times the GM just hands the players a situation they can't handle for a variety of reasons, and you just get steam rolled.

Personally, as short as this is, I think that gaming is awesome for those ups and downs that you get along the way. It makes the character's story, and in a way defines him/her/it.

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