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Time Travelling Soldiers (Session 1)

I originally posted this over on the Savage Worlds community forum (their forum's index) back in late February, but since I'll also be posting those sessions here. They may be sporadic, as I have to think these out pretty heavily. I posted about this before but I glanced over a lot of the details, so here is the first session write up I posted.

"We had an impromptu first session, only a couple hours.

The Team:
Walt Rogers. US Navy DEVGRU. Demolitions specialty. Carried a SIG P226 and cut down M79.
Enoch "Jacobsen." Israeli Mossad. Marksman and Medic. Carried a HK417 'RECCE' (16" barrel) and MP7A1.
Leonard Gray. Australian SASR. Pointman and Scout. Carried a M14EBR and SIG P226.

Two NPCs: a 1st SFOD-D, assaulter, and Alfa Gruppe Spetsnaz, pointman, operator. Named Will and Vasily. The Delta operator is a Master Sergeant and was the "leader" of the team.

The team is led in a blacked out van from an airport to Area 51 at night, even the Americans. They then are lead into an unmarked building and down a 150 foot lift through hardened and reinforced concrete to a dome structure beneath it. The lift has four armed men in all black with them. There is a full company of personnel in the dome, to guard the facility. In the center is a 20 foot tall sphere, not all of it is below the floor, as to make 90% of the sphere above the floor level. There are conduits and supports reaching from the walls to the spherical machine. The player characters and NPCs have only been minimally briefed, they know that the program plans to put them back in time, but the team is skeptical, with Leonard commenting that it is probably a simulation or wargame. The commander of JSOC briefs them that they are to be sent into the midst of the Spanish Civil War to make sure that a "general" of one of the American volunteer units doesn't get killed. They are given vague information given the specific circumstances, they are given a picture and a map with the objective's assault time on it. The HQ units admit they aren't sure how he died as it happened in battle where he was a "lead from the front kinda officer."

They step in the chamber, the door closes and are all of a sudden in a field at night in 1937, 20 minutes before the assault is set to begin. They move to a nearby set of buildings, the MSgt Will Byrd has them stack up on a door and breach it, the SASR pointman draws his P226 and has his suppressor on with cold-loaded ammunition, is the first one in followed by the SEAL, the room is being used as a barracks for a couple squads of Wehrmacht infantry, and only one hears the door open and he calls out only to be double tapped, which with -1 damage on 2d6 only shakes him, the SEAL tosses his knife in his side as Gray covers his mouth. They set a claymore in the door one the marksman/medic reports in. The Mossad marksman climbs on the single story house and covers himself with a nearby grey blanket (he was looking for local concealment) and looks over the square, that is fairly well lit. It had 9 sentries in three groups, one was roving around the square clockwise, another were standing against the northern buildings wall, and the third was in a fountain acting as an MG34 crew, pointing in the direction that the map said the assault was coming from, west. The rest of the team splits up and one man flanks behind the German lines, east, and set a couple buildings to explode. While the other three were to flank west, and get ready to set off smoke, the wind was blowing from the 7 o'clock direction, and fire on the Germans if need be. The marksman set up a shot to disable the MG34 itself, with an FMJ round.

The SEAL gets detected by the roving patrol but escapes the first time, set a C4 charge to make a two story collapse and is detected again bu the same patrol, and dodges into the next house as one German fires into the darkness. Two Germans in the house the SEAL was in become alerted, he jumps out the back fires a 40mm up staris and hits the C4 next door, killing about three of the Germans but it kicks the whole thing off. He is shaken from the explosion ("caught some house fragments") and is Shaken as the second German stumbles out of the house with a Kar98k (7.92x57mm) and fires at point blank range center of mass. The only thing that saves the SEAL is his body armor, to which the German is confused as to why he doesn't see red mist off the guy he just shot and chambers another round. The SEAL fires back (at a hefty penalty) and hits the house. The Russian had made his way around, by just running through the houses and jumps on his back but does little damage with his knife, and drawing a lot of attention to their position. The sniper takes his shot, shooing of the trigger mechanism on the gun and distracts the three MG crew, and the SASR pointman moves up but is spotted by the northern static patrol, as to which he has hot-loaded 7.62mmNATO rounds, he just fired at them through a corner of a house, doing little but to scare them. The next round the SEAL shoots the German, the Mossad sniper calls his shot to a German's neck (so he'll suffer). The point man moves into cover from the MG team's personal weapons. The team notices artillery is beginning to fire from both sides. On the MG team is looking around for a target, the fail to spot the Dealta NPC or the Mossad PC 20 yards away. The claymore goes off and blows the front wall off the house and splits the roof a bit. The third round has the SEAL reloads and lobs a 40mm into the MG next and kill them all, he rolled very high on the damage. The sniper shoots another German, aiming for another cruel spot. The SASR pops out and drops the last man. The count two unaccounted for enemies, but hear tracks and trucks from both sides and the siren of a Ju-87 Stuka and 1,000kg of high explosives go off a few blocks away. The quickly debate if their mission is complete and decide that they are intended to stay and make sure the General survives. And how to ensure his survival. They come to the conclusion shooting him in the leg, near the hip with an FMJ should keep him fro being too badly wounded, but it would force him to exit the battle.

They hide close to their original position, the sniper doesn't move and the others take a building directly west. They all look out for the general, and it takes them a while to see him through the fire, smoke, and artillery impacts. But they see him finally, and the Mossad marksman/medic takes the shot and hits the guy in the arse, keeping it from being too severe.

They hit their extraction beacons, a temporal device, and they are alerted to a position 200 yards north as their extraction zone. The PCs get their first, dodging fire or jumping between roof tops. The MSgt and the Spetsnaz operator bring up the rear, until a Stuka drops a 250kg bomb close by, removing the Russian's legs around the knees and throwing the American clear with some nasty frag. The SASR runs up to drag the Russian, after a brief discussion on whether they should just shoot him and toss an incendiary grenade on his body to destroy his gear, and the American covers the PC. A German Platoon is crossing here and they come to be under heavy fire. The Russian is conscious and firing his pistol as he is being dragged and the MSgt is hobbling along. The sniper covers them and the Demo opens fire with his M79. After some time the SASR takes over shooting as the MSgt drags the Russian back. After 3 rounds they make it back, and are sent forward in time. The doors open and the project's crew and staff are clapping only to see all the team working on the Russian and all the blood. Plus they are all wounded at least lightly.

The players surmise that in 2020 (the modern date) they would be able to replace a knee and lower legs with prosthetic parts and tell Vasily they expect to see him again. They also assume that since nothing changed their mission was successful.

The PC began with 100 EXP (as did the Russian), the Delta Force NPC team leader began with a few more advances and has 130-150 EXP."

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