Saturday, March 8, 2014

Character Story: John McGreevy

Agent John McGreevy is a hard bitten ex-OSS Agent. He's also a bit... extreme. He can be a bit of a jerk. Originally he was a Call of Cthulhu character but has been made into Savage Worlds as well. I immediately made the GM give us $300.00 starting money in 1928. I ran with it.

His first mission was to clear out some cultists. I got a budget from the US Government of $300 for gear. Here is a short list of the weapons he thought he would need. But first you should know he wasn't a new recruit, he had already seen some shit. That being said he had:
  • 1 M1911A1
  • 1 Webley MkII .455 revolver
  • 1 M1903 rifle
  • 1 commando knife
  • a lot of ammo
  • a suit
  • a nice gold pocket watch
  • a stetson hat
  • an expensive pen
  • a trench coat
  • a camera
  • and my secret from the GM: 2 MkII fragmentation grenades (by the way, his face was priceless when I told him I had them)
Pretty much exactly my face after I used the first one.

That first mission we came across a swamp full of cultist... or whatever, at night. I had a rifle with a scope and was about 30 feet away in a tree, undetected I might add. The GM announced there was no way to sneak in and save the girl, so I tossed a frag. I killed most of them, save like three that we gunned down. Pic Related.

Also McGreevy has an arch-nemesis...slash coworker. His name is Smith. Smith is a large sack of tiny dicks. Unfortunately, he outranks McGreevy in the Agency, but its become customary for McGreevy to call him an ass, get the worst assignments from Smith, and for McGreevy to rake his arm across Smith's desk then walk out with a vulgar salute. On two occasions Smith has been on the same pay-grade as McGreevy and gone out on missions with him. On the first McGreevy used some dynamite that a pimp had (another PC) to blow up a house via gas stove. This was due to someone attracting the attention of a giant monster, the house bomb didn't work, naturally. On the second Smith was evil and has some serum that McGreevy got a hold of by the session ended before I could get rid of Smith. So close.

McGreevy doesn't like to work with other Agents as a result, and once assigned a rookie partner. McGreevy gave the man grief, going so far as to toss his gun out of the window of a moving limousine. Why? The Agent has a M1911 chambered in 9mm because .45ACP kicked too hard. McGreevy also looked at him when asked why, responding "It wasn't a gun. It was chambered in pansy." That rookie survived that mission. McGreevy is a dick but he gets results.

Fuck you Smith.

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