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Dead Space 3-style Weapon Crafting (v1.00)

Remember that these are tentative rules, and may be updated or altered. It has been a while so I apologize if some of these are a bit off, going off of memory and the wiki. If I need to update the rules I will post about it if the passed time is sufficient enough, and have a change log below that. Hope you enjoy and they bring you some good games!

Heavy Frames

Hydraulic Engine
  • Hydraulic Eviscerator (Default): Str+2d6; 4 shots; Str d6; AP1
  • Hydraulic Hammer (Conic Dispersal): Str+2d8; 4 shots; Str d8; Knock-back*

Military Engine
  • Carbine (Default): 20/40/80; 2d8; ROF2; 17 shots; AP2
  • Assault Rifle (Compressor): 22/44/88; 2d8; ROF3; 25 Shots; AP2
  • Shotgun (Conic Dispersal): 12/24/48; 1-3d6; ROF1; 7 shots; +2 Shooting
  • Galvanizer (Directed Suspension Field): 15/30/60; 2d6; ROF1; 30 shots; AP1, 4RB**
  • Seeker Rifle (Precision Tip): 30/60/120; 2d10; ROF1; 3 shots; Str d6; AP3, Snapfire
  • Bullpup Rifle (Rail Accelerator): 24/48/96; 2d8; ROF2; 20 shots; AP2
  • Pulse Rifle (Repeater): 16/32/64; 2d8; ROF4; 25 shots; AP1

Plasma Core
  • Force Gun (Default): 12/24/48; 1-3d6; 10 shots; +2 shooting, Knock back; Non-lethal
  • Kinetic Projector (Compressor) 15/30/60; 1-3d6; 6 shots; Charge***
  • Contact Beam (Precision Tip): 24/48/96; 2d8+1; 4 shots; AP2; Upper tool only
  • Ground Diffraction (Diffraction Torus): On Self; 2d8+1; 3 shots; Knock-back, SBT; Lower tool only

Pneumatic Torch
  • Flamethrower (Default): Cone (9’); 2d10; 5 shots, Flame
  • Magnesium Afterburner (Compressor): Half Cone (4’); 2d12; 5 shots, AP2, Flame
  • Cryogenic Torch (Precision Tip): Cone; 2d8; 4 shots; Slow-down****

Rip Core
  • Suspended Ripper (Default): Melee; 2d8; 8 shots; AP2
  • Ranged Ripper (Directed Ejection Field): 20' line; 2d8; 8 shots; AP2

Survey Charge
  • Grenade Launcher (Default): 18/36/72; 3d6; 2 shots; SBT
  • Line Gun Mine (Compressor): 18/32/64; 4 shots; SBT, Sticky, Timed Mine
  • Incendiary Grenade (Diffraction Torus): 18/32/64; 2d8; 2 shots; Flame, SBT
  • Detonator Mine (Directed Ejection Field): 18/32/64; 3 shots; Proximity based
  • Rocket Launcher (Directed Suspension Field): 40/80/120; 4d8; 1 shot; HW, MBT
  • Knockback Detonator (Rail Accelerator): 16/32/64; 2d4; 20 shots; SBT, Knock-back, Non-lethal

Telemetry Spike
  • Javelin Gun (Default): 24/48/96; 2d6+1; ROF1; 5 shots; AP4
  • Rivet Shotgun (Conic Dispersal): 15/30/60; 1-3d6; 5 shots; AP1, +1 Shooting
  • Chaingun (Diffraction Torus): 18/32/24; 2d6; ROF4; 80 shots; Str d8; AP2
  • Javelin Repeater (Repeater): 20/40/80; 2d8; ROF1;16 shots; AP2, 4RB

Tesla Core
  • Line Gun (Default): 20’ line; 2d6; ROF1; 5 shots; AP2, +1 shooting
  • Bouncing Bolas (Compressor): 15/30/60; 2d6; ROF1; 1 shots; Target takes Agility roll or suffers Slow-down
  • Chain Lightning Gun (Diffraction Torus): 18/32/64; 2d8 electricity; ROF1; 6 shots; AP1, Make additional shooting rolls at closest target at -1 shooting
  • Anchored Bolas (Directed Suspension Field): 12/24/48; 2d6; ROF1; 5 shots; AP1, SBT
  • Tesla Beam (Precision Tip): 12/24/48; 1-3d6; ROF1; 4 shots; Charge; Upper tool only
  • Bolas Cutter (Repeater): 30’ Line; 2d6; ROF1; 5 shots; AP2

Compact Frames

Hydraulic Engine
  • Hydraulic Knife (Default): Str+2d4; 4 shots

Military Engine
  • Submachine Gun (Default): 12/24/48; 2d6; ROF2; 20 shots; AP1
  • Revolver (Compact Directed Ejection Field): 12/24/48; 2d6+1; ROF1; 6 shots; AP1

Plasma Core
  • Plasma Cutter (Default): 12/24/48; 2d6+1; ROF1;10 shots; AP2
  • Plasma Disperser (Conic Dispersal): 12/24/48; 2d6; ROF1; 7 shots; AP1; +1 Shooting
  • Plasma Repeater (Compact Directed Ejection Field): 12/24/48; 2d6; ROF2, 10 shots; AP1

Pneumatic Torch
  • Blowtorch (Default): Half Cone (4’); 2d10; ROF1; 3 shots; Flame

Rip Core
  • Suspended Ripper (Default): Melee; 2d6; 8 shots
  • Ranged Ripper (Compact Directed Ejection Field): 25 line; 2d6; 8 shots; AP1

Telemetry Spike
  • Rivet Gun (Default): 12/24/48; 2d4; ROF1; 25 shots; AP2

Tesla Core
  • Arc Welder (Default): 5/10/20; 2d6; ROF1; 14 shots; AP2

Replaces lower tool/engine.

  • Canister Recovery Module: Allows for recovery of Detonator mines; Heavy Frame only
  • Electrocution Module: Electrified shots from upper tool, does not function with Military Engine,Tesla Core weapons or Survey Charge engines. +1d6 damage
  • Explosive Module: Causes shots to be explosive, does not function with Military Engine, Plasma Core or Survey Charge engines, or Suspended Rippers. +1d6 damage, SBT
  • Rotator-Cuff Module: Allows rotation of Tesla Core tips 90 degrees

1 attachment per tool (upper and Lower)
  • Scope: Eliminates medium range penalties, requires Aim Action. Adds Snapfire to weapon if used.
  • Explosion Amplifier: Increases Blast Template by one size.
  • Safety Guard: Prevents user from suffering full blast damage from their own weapons. Takes half damage instead.
  • Stasis Amplifier: Stasis templates increase in size by one.
  • Full Zoom Scope: Eliminates all range penalties, requires Aim action. May not move.
  • Ammo Sweeper: Automatically picks up weapon’s ammo type within a SBT.
  • Flame Glaze: +2 fire damage.
  • Ammo Box: Reloads a readied magazine automatically. Readying a new magazine is an action.
  • Electric Charge: +2 electricity damage.
  • Stasis Coating: target loses one action on their next turn and lowers pace by 25% (rounding up).
  • Acid Bath: does 1 damage over 1d3 rounds.

* Knock-back: The target is either pushed back half of the damage dealt or move to the edge of a burst template. The target is also knocked prone unless the pass a Strength roll. 
** 4RB: Functions identically to 3 Round Burst core rules.
*** Charge: Each action to charge the weapon up increases it's damage by one but drains a like number of shots.
**** Slow-down: The target is reduced to one action per turn, parry and ranged attack TNs are reduced by 2, and the target's Pace is halved for one round after they are damaged or exposed to the source.

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