Thursday, March 27, 2014

Savage Modern Gear

So a while ago I began to want more options for my Savage Worlds gun and military gear like helmets and armor and other such things. So I came up with add-ons for weapons, like new rules for scopes, and strobe flashlights, bipods and types of ammunition. This even ranges for rules for needing a spotter to make long range shooting different and some rules for autofire and scopes and moving. There are rules for load-bearing gear and plate carriers, new-generation helmets, specific popular firearms and ordinance. The rules aren't exactly like the standard so you'll have to replace some stats if you choose to integrate this into a game.

Download (RapidShare):

Change Log:

Version 1.00a (alpha):
First version. Not 100% complete, but very little is left unstated. Could use additional formatting and organization. Though it is printer friendly. Has rules for plenty of modern firearms.


  1. Could you repost this somewhere else, rapidshare wont let me download it.

  2. Thanks a lot for the dropbox link

  3. What does this mean?

    "Vertical Foregrip: allows autofire and moving at -2."

    Do you normally not allow a character to move when using autofire?