Saturday, March 21, 2015

KWA LM4C Update

While sitting in a tech's room for 8 weeks (only negative thing) my LM4C GBBR went through a bit of a transformation. Its a little heavier and kicks like a .22 LR or so now. Everyone at the store where I had it worked on kept saying how much they loved it and how badass it was.

It was kind of like having someone rave about your kid, I guess? (I don't have any kids, so what do I know?)

So here's the before:

And here's what I got back today:

They had me shoot it before I left the place, one guy saying "you're about fall in love with this gun." I already really liked it so I knew he was right. I put roughly 30 rounds through it and it was accurate, loud, and had some 'umph' behind it. It left my hand shaking a little. I walked out of there really really happy, even though some parts I left to be installed wouldn't fit. Still excited. Not as excited as they were however, as they recorded a video for their YouTube channel to be uploaded in the near future.

It isn't finished either, I want to put some accessories on the rail and an amplifier on the muzzle. Make it really scary to be on the business end of it. Now its all tacticool and comfy.

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