Friday, February 13, 2015

Military Plot Point Campaign: Plot outline and Some Character Creation

So I alluded to this, and I have decided to build up the group from earlier in their careers. This is of course unlikely, but for the sake of story I'd work it in. Alternatively I could change Rangers to SEALs and move to DEVGRU later.

1) Plot overview:

Phase 1: Beginning, new in the Rangers. Their second deployments. Perhaps a training session during RASP (or the beginning of their deployment) for roleplay reasons.
Phase 2: Deployed to Afghanistan, then maybe another in Iraq. A few sessions of each. Perhaps get them through to Veteran rank.
Phase 3: Try out for CAG. Some training or roleplaying sessions.
Phase 4+: Missions in CAG.

2) Characters:
As the game begins around 2005, the character would have seen combat in their first deployment (in either Afghanistan or Iraq). They will receive an advance for Basic Training and their first deployment. Will draw from the Dramatic Intermission table to see how their first deployments went before they met.

At first most of them will be standard riflemen in a squad, one or two may be given special weapons (AT or an LMG), but for a while they can't become a Team Leader and the Rank (NCO) edge will just get them to Corporal, with some command but not much. They can be an officer however. As time progresses they'll move up and do their thing. Will use Sanity for particularly stressful or traumatic and perhaps get PTSD or suffer from Combat Stress.

They'll work with Navy SEALs, Army SOF, and on occasion CAG and DEVGRU teams. The aim is to make them value their and the other characters. Want to live but deal with having to go into danger and risk that life. Will use the Gritty Damage rules, and try to scare them during fire fights or tense moments.

The plot will eventually move to the current state of things and possible operations against OPFOR threats.

I want to make a "road map" and mission generator for this as well.

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