Sunday, June 8, 2014

Blog Update: May-June 2014

So it has been a good three months since I started this, I've gotten attention beyond what I thought I would have ever been exposed to. It hasn't been much but it has been much, truth be told, but its something. I went to the Pinnacle Entertainment's forums (Savage Worlds) and put up a could .pdf I made (the first being my gear guide and the other being the Space Marines). However, more recently things have slowed down, post frequency-wise, with March and April having 10 a piece and May having only 4. Largely it is due to a combination of work taking up so much more time these days and working on updating projects like Savage Space Marines and turning the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series into a plot point campaign (which is turning out to be a hefty one). So I haven't forgotten about this if I have any unknowing followers, I'm just trying to wrangle life down and beat it into submission again. I have a few shorter posts coming up, a Character Story is probably next.

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