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Character Story: Mee-Hye Hwang Part 1

Yes, I am playing a female character. Not only that, but we're all playing female characters in this campaign. I've been playing RPGs for 10 years now, and its a first, it was worth a try and I think I have built a character that is different from all the rest I have ever played. But back to the character in our campaign. It's a run through of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and things almost immediately went differently than the game.
First of all, Mee-Hye is a face character and a pacifist (minor), and Akaviri through GM approval. I rolled randomly and came up the lover sign and took Noble and Attractive, that's right, that's +6 Charisma at character creation. For those that don't know Savage Worlds, charisma is a number that adds to skills instead of a stat like it is in D&D. Let alone with that much charisma I have to roll very badly to fail an unopposed roll, even with a measly Persuasion of d6 I can pretty much talk my way out of anything. And I do, very often. My GM kinda hates me for that, but I was tempered by pacifism against mortals who don't wish me harm.

Second of all, like most of my characters, she wasn't really above average in anything aside from being ridiculously good-looking (Zoolander anyone?), she had average stats all across the board. d6s and a few d4s.

Backstory wise she was from a small village of Akaviri living hidden in the Dragontail Mountains who was sent to Cyrodiil to be educated, being groomed to make a living as a politician. The only thing that might have set her apart from everyone else was the slight golden tone of her skin and sharper features. She stuck out, but no one would think she wasn't an Imperial woman. A drop deal gorgeous one at that. And she will use that. A lot. She held vows of racial secrecy and felt killing wasn't a real solution, most of the time. She was a bit arrogant and could be a bit shallow, but at heart she was a heroine, if a little bratty.

We begin the game in prison, after the other party was arrested for various crimes, I was picked up for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The Blades and the Emperor show up and I extract a pardon, and an apology. She felt it was necessary since they took her nice clothes and things. We managed to save the Emperor from some assassins, Mee-Hye even planted a dagger in the throat of one, then proceeded to cry and feel bad about it. There was an orc, named Patti Wesi, with us too, she was doing okay in combat until she took a crossbow bolt to the sternum. Leaving Mee-Hye and Lily and 14 year old brothel healer to deal with the assassins after all of the Blades with us died by being stupid and rushing into a dark room... We got out of the sewers and the Emperor met Bivlovismir (my character from our run of Morrowind), or rather a glass arrow sent from him. With the Emperor dead, and the orc that was carrying him wounded, he passed off the Amulet of Kings to Lily and his silver short sword to me, I had however already taken a katana off a dead Blade's member.

A couple sessions later I had gotten an advance and cleared it with the GM to be able to use thu'ums, dragon shouts from Skyrim, since I was Akaviri, literally the dragon people, though not a race of dragonborns. I took "Yol" (fire) and was able to breathe fire, but made sure to keep it secret from the rest of the party, at least in character. The GM decided to alter the edge from the conversion for some reason so I only got one word of the shout and had to find all the rest over time.

Finding the second word in the fire breath shout led to a split party. We had more party members, Ranwe (Altmer conspiracy nut/alchemist) and Vigdis Augusdottir (Nord a la Icelandic Viking). After clearing through a large part of a Nordic crypt near Bruma, we came across a large altered crab 9from a Nordic skeleton) that had a 400 lbs gold crown and eight sapphires the size of our heads, so half the party got greedy and left Mee-Hye and Vigdis to clear the dungeon, where lots of loot and the word wall was found, "Toor" (inferno). In the dungeon a Dragon Priest was encountered and his mask and staff were collected by Mee-Hye. The party also witnessed a dragon shout for the first time from Mee-Hye.

The rest of the party went to the imperial city and encountered one of our old characters, He-Who-Lifts-Tails, the Archmage of Morrowind. He was with his apprentice, Fernlily, who had pretty much been Worm-Tongueing him for a while, so he had aged and was blind, so she held all the power. They were in Cyrodiil to "incorporate" the Mage's College of Cyrodiil into the Morrowind system. Lily traded the sapphires for full tuition free mid-ranking membership for the whole party into the Mage's Guild, and a few big favors.

We met with the Baron again, he played a big role in Morrowind, a few sessions later and sold him a giant crown. By then I had found a word wall and learned "Fus."  By this time we were trying to find the Emperor's bastard son. Just before setting out to find Martin, we went to a spot on a map Mee-Hye found in a book while doing research in the College's archives, finding several books on the Akaviri and Pale Pass. The note seemingly lead to a shrine south of Chorrol. We went to Weynon Priory, being tailed by corrupt Blades assassins, found out Martin's location (not in Kvatch like the games) and met up after our escapeat the shrine. It was a hole in the ground and held dwemer and falmer, but most notably for Mee-Hye was Mishaxhi's Cleaver (not in Sancre Tor like the game), which she nearly died in reclaiming.

We found Martin and things temporarily took a turn for the... strange. He was under the care of the Nerevarine, a character from the last game, who "died" in PvP against the more morally lesser party members, named Seul. He left the future Emperor in our care and became a constellation. Lily seduced Martin, we don't really know why, but she got pregnant... and Bivlovismir shot Martin through the window with a large dwemer crossbow (think a smaller, portable ballista) we found in the previous campaign. Patti Wesi was injured again trying to stop the bolt, which failed.

The Oblivion crisis began with bodies raining from the sky and creating oblivion gates, blowing Martin's body apart. We ran and found Ranwe's estranged brother, "Rotgut" and he said he could solve the problem but we had to go back to get Martin's body or enough of it for a blood sample. We made a few invisibility potions, left Lily (who was a GMNPC now) with Rotgut and a paid Thieve's Guild member we met in an inter-dimentional skooma den we created in the last campaign (I wasn't joking we had morally lesser PCs for that game), and did just that, but when we got back Lily and the Khajiit were missing and Rotgut told us he sent them to Balmora (Morrowind) for safety. But said he no longer needed Martin's blood, as he had taken desperate measure due to the critical lack of time.

When we got there he had sped up Lily's pregnancy and the heir was now a mutated giant baby. An abomination. Just then, Bivlovismir attacked again, heading for Mee-Hye. She was left alone as every other character either teleported away by choice or by force, leaving her to face Bivlovismir alone (I played him each time he showed up) but at the last minute diverted the killing arrow away as I was informed by the GM of a "twang of fate was felt" (Bivlovismir had achieved a beginning of understanding Chim during the Morrowind campaign, even using it to cause doubt in Vivec himself) that left her with a hideous scar (reduced her charisma from 8 to 2, and she was now Ugly instead of Very Attractive). Left alone and angry (she removed Pacifism in favor of being Stubborn at the significant story event), she went to the local Mage's college and had an alteration mage fix it, but still had a scar. She donned her dragon mask and made her way towards Solstheim and then Skyrim alone as the rest of the party dealt with other issues.

She made it to Skyrim and met with the Jarl of Whiterun, then traveled to meet and train with the Grey Beards, even meeting Paarthurnax, learning several more shouts in a mere week or two. From there she went back to Whiterun to the Temple of Dibella and had her scar fully restored. She then headed back through Orsinium to the Dragontail Mountains to go home, intent on retiring from adventuring knowing that the recovery of Mishaxhi's blade and a dragon mask, along with the news that at least one dragon still lives brings her and her family higher regard.

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