Friday, July 10, 2015

Sci-fi Setting I'm Starting on

The players will be mercenaries, as I decided against pure bounty hunters, as they will mostly be doing things other than bounty hunting. I decided to give them a transport ship and $10,000 for party gear (in addition to their standard $500 for personal use). So they'd have anything they'd need, short of power armor and advanced heavy weapons. Its supposed have action between the levels of a spy movie and a war movie, with missions running the gambit.

So the setting? It's set in 2495 on Ganymede (Jupiter's largest moon) where their investor gives them some money for gear and has them do a mission, their reward will be their ship and money. The mission is to rob a corrupt official of his ill-gotten goods, which were stolen from their investor. Only problem is that the official is a member or the local Corporate Security [CSec] office that reinforces the government's Judicial Enforcement Force [JEF], i.e. the police's armed forces. CSec has heavier gear than the local JEF, and several suits of power armor with medium tier weapons. This is what leads a smaller force to reinforce the police, who have advance body armor and assault weapons, lack the power armor and heavy hitting gear. From there they will get their ship and if they leave anything they can can get it back with them (any salvaged gear). I'm trying to make it to where it's a snatch and go, as the suit(s) of power armor will have high caliber weapons if they're too slow.

[By the way, the Sci-fi Companion will be heavily used.]

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