Monday, May 11, 2015

Another Airsoft Gun Update

So it's a bit after I actually got these things for it. But here's a picture, then I'll explain.

On the rails I have a Magpul RVG vertical foregrip in black. On the top rail I have a replica L3 Warrior Systems AN/PEQ-15. This one has a very bright green laser (possible an IR laser as well) and a wide weapon light, approximately 270 lumens, for room clearing. It's fairly bright as it is. If you're wondering what the shiny parts of the vertical grip is, its electrical tape to secure a tape switch for the laser/light for quick use. I also put it in a Seahorse SE1530 hard case for safe keeping.

I have new red dot sight coming from Hong Kong, should be to me by July. I want to stick a new muzzle device on as well, maybe some flip up iron sights. I'm also planning on getting a couple Contour cameras, one rail mounted one helmet mounted

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