Thursday, May 15, 2014

Call of Duty Perks to Savage Worlds!

I've often wondered how the Perks in the Call of Duty series would work as edges or talents of various games, some bring something new, others are already in, and still others have little to no bearing. So here are some.

Modern Warfare Series

Assassin: Combine UAV Jammer and Cold Blooded
Bomb Squad/SitRep: As Danger Sense
Bandolier/Blast Shield/Bling/C4x2/Claymore x2/Frag x3/Overkill/Special Grenade x3/UAV Jammer: Gear based, not really an edge.
Blind Eye: Can make Stealth roll to hide from enemy Unmanned assets and vehicles.
Cold Blooded: Able to make Stealth roll to avoid thermal/FLIR imaging.
Commando: Can make a lunge attack, able to step 1" before making the attack
Danger Close: Blast templates become on size larger (or if already large a -2 Agility to avoid)
Dead Silence: Silent Footsteps, or a +2 to Stealth
Deep Impact: Increases AP of a ranged weapon by 1.
Double Tap: Increases ROF of fully automatic ranged weapons by 1 (or a second shot for a semi-automatic weapon)
Eavesdrop: Awareness edge.
Extreme Conditioning: Can run twice as long (a stretch for an edge)
Hardline: Bonus to assets rolls (for UAV, artillery, and the like)
Iron Lungs: Can hold breath longer (could be useful as an edge) and allows a player to steady their breath for an extra turn.
Juggernaut: could be anything from Nerves of Steel, hard to Kill, to Tough as Nails
Last Stand: Stay conscious when lethally Incapacitated until death.
Lightweight: Fleet Footed edge
Marathon: Bonus to vigor to run further and move through obstacles faster.
Marksman: Identify targets at further range, not really an edge.
Martyrdom: Drop a grenade upon death (not really an edge)
Ninja: Allows a Stealth roll to avoid Heartbeat Sensors and similar technology
Quick Draw: Quick Draw edge
Recon: Get Notice and Tracking bonus on hit targets for 1 turn afterward.
Scavenger: Bonus to Notice to find more gear and supplies.
Sleight of Hand: Reduces reload time by one action (minimum a free action)
Sonic Boom/Stopping Power: Gear damage boost, +2 damage with bullets/explosives
Stalker: Move Pace and Fire at half of the multi-action penalty.
Steady Aim: Halve penalty for firing and moving.

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